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Middle School Math

Wendy Said:

What certification test does someone take to become a middle school math teacher?

We Answered:…

The link above shows schools in MO hiring including several middle school Math teachers. It gives the qualifications needed too.

Here's an example for you of one I clicked on. Very bottom are qualification education needed. Not sure if you needed anything else. Hope it helps! Good luck :)

Classroom Teacher
District: Kansas City 33
City, State Zip: Kansas City, MO 64106
Telephone: 816-418-7083
Position: Classroom Teacher
Subject Area: Mathematics
Beginning: Dec 05, 2008
Deadline: Jun 01, 2009**
Certificate: Mathematics

Job Description:
Teaches one or more subjects to students in public secondary schools by performing the following duties.

Bachelor's degree from four-year college or university

Missouri State Certification in Math

Antonio Said:

What is the best calculator for taking the Praxis 2 Middle School Math Exam?

We Answered:

I think the Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator is the best choice for you…

Beth Said:

What kind of middle school questions could be asked on a math essay?

We Answered:

Probably like, Two students are growing a plant. Katelyn's plant grew to 5 feet in one week. Joe's grew to 7 feet. A week later, Katelyn's plant was 7 feet tall and Joe's was 8 feet tall. Explain the difference of percent growth from week to week, and student to student. Try to explain it very thoroughly. Explain work and at the end repeat all data plain and simple. I don't think you will have to make an essay rather than a short answer. It really depends what grade you are in.

Anne Said:

What do you need to become a Middle School Math teacher ?

We Answered:

A bachelors degree in math, most colleges have a teaching program, look for a good one in your state. Ask your teachers where they went and see if they have any ideas.

Ron Said:

What is the average pay for a middle school math teacher?

We Answered:

I'm sure you know this depends on location and school. Here in SF Bay area, the average middle school teacher gets about $50K, which might sound like a lot until you realize the average 30year-old, 1600sq foot house in an average neighborhood still costs about $500,000 even after the recent decline in home values.

Becky Said:

How can I get ahold of elementary and middle school math textbooks meeting my local curriculum?

We Answered:

I would call the school board and see what is on there approved list

Tonya Said:

How to get Middle school Math/Science books?

We Answered:

See if you can get the title and author/editor's name and edition of the books you're interested in. Then go to Barnes & Noble's website and click on the tab for textbooks. You might be able to get them used.

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