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Middle School Physics

Erika Said:

Please Momentum-Impulse physics problem Middle School?

We Answered:

m1v1 +m2v2=m1v'1+m2v'2

m1(4.75)+ 0= m1(2.60)+100(2.60)

m1=120.93 kg

Ken Said:

Can anyone help me think of a good middle school science project for physics?

We Answered:

American Scientific Surplus has a build your own motor kit that would be great idea. They also sell solar cells so you can do a project with those. You can use the motor kit to hook up blades and study a windmill, they have equipment for that as well. They also have a kit to build an electronic eye and a lot of other things (

I had a lot of good locations to search in this answer:;…

Andy Said:

People who know about middle school physics only!!!!!!!!?

We Answered:

The car was travelling at 75 x 60 kmph.
It took him 4.2 seconds to slow down.
Using that information you should be able to work out the answer.

I do not supply instant answers, but the guidelines as to how to work out the answer.

Bob Said:

What do i have to do to get into honors physics in high school?

We Answered:

well when u go into high school u will get a course selection sheet. There, you will be able to pick all of your classes.

Edwin Said:

Need help with middle school physics (related to Hooke's law and elongation of spring and tension force)?

We Answered:

20N = 16 cm
10N = 14 cm
so extra 10N stretches 2 cm . take this off the 10N loaded spring gives no load and 12 cm

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