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Middle School Planner

Jenny Said:

A few questions about middle school?

We Answered:

1. Go to Walmart. Their school supplies sales are already out. It is easier just to order online at though because then that gets rid of all the hassle and it ships straight to your door and it is not that expensive at all. THey have great sales every year. Make sure you get everything you need otherwise teachers will get mad... LOL.
2. You should have a map, your schedule, and your locker combination. Most schools give out planners at the beginning of the year to write down your homework in but if not either buy one or just write your homework down on loose leaf paper whichever way works just make sure you write it down do not just try to keep it in your head you WILL forget stuff. Carry a binder.
3. If someone is going to be a true friend to you they will walk up to you. Try to find another albino kid or someone who has no other Friends and don't come on to strong at first trying to hang with them all the time at first.
4. You should wear jeans and a cute t shirt or tank top with a cute colorful sweater in the winter and short jean shorts and a tank top or t shirt in the summer. Try to be cute and accessorize! See what everyone else is wearing before you go school shopping. I'd like to say all that stuff doesn't matter, but it does. Sadly.

Arthur Said:

How do I sell my Student Planner to schools?

We Answered:

Write to various schools and enclose 1 copy for them to look at with details of your price. If it is good and good value you should recoup the outlay pretty quickly

Tanya Said:

How should I decorate my planner?

We Answered:

print out some picks of 'grovie chicks' and stick them on or put a heep of glitter (u will leave i glitter trail where eva u go like a fairy lol :P)

Robin Said:

Looking for customer reviews for The Student Planner 2009-2010 School Year Planner Middle School?

We Answered:

customer reviews for The Student Planner 2009-2010 School Year Planner Middle School
Great Planner, August 14, 2009
I bought this planner for my son and I was impressed with the quality and the price.

It isn't just a calendar in a cover. The planner has tips on test taking, assignment organization, science/math/writing, goal setting, and a great daily subject by subject note space.

It especially like that it has three hole punches so he now has one three ring binder for all of his scheduling.

Definitely worth the bucks.

Bertha Said:

Are middle schoolers allowed or were allowed at your high school's homecoming? ?

We Answered:

At my school if you want to bring someone from a different school, you have to get a form from ur homeroom teacher, fill it out and turn it in to the office to get permission to bring them. Its not a big deal really, they just have to make sure that u aren't like a terrorist or something =)

Andre Said:

Where are "school mate" middle school planners sold?

We Answered:

All details are on their home page

Salvador Said:

where can i find a middle school/high school planner?

We Answered:

I found a really good one at target! It was a student planner and it said the subjects. I didn't get it though, my school gives us our own, most schools do. Does yours?

Otherwise, check out office max or staples.

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