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Middle School Program

Denise Said:

Student Ambassadors Middle School program - is it worth it? What does it cost?

We Answered:

It can be expensive esp. if she goes to Australia. Less supervised than you expected. Lot of fun, though!

Erin Said:

Whatg is a middle school program where you get to travel to different countries?

We Answered:

you should ask your friend what program she went through.
there's also a program called shecana, but i think that's only for high school exchange. you could check on their website if you want though.

Rachel Said:

Good Online Home Schooling Program for Middle School?

We Answered:

With online schools, you either work directly on the computer, offline, or a mixture of both.

Here are some online schools. Some have middle school programs/classes. All of these are very good:


K12 (uses some Apex courses and some of their own):

Florida Virtual School:

NorthStar Academy:…

UNL Independent Study High School:…

Center for Distance and Independent Study:

Sam Said:

Where is the best place to find a volleyball coach for our middle school volleyball program?

We Answered:

Current teachers employed at your school. If your school is part of a school district that has elementary and high schools as well, look at those teachers. If you find people that are not teachers, then they will have to take some kid of test and get certified and confirmed by the principal. Your best bet is to talk to teachers who already work at the school.

Lee Said:

Does anybody Else's schools have a middle school program in a high school?

We Answered:

I am in high school and when they came to my school, i hoped they wouldn't come back cuz their band was HORRIBLE and they taught that they are the best in band!! I hate when middle schoolers come to my school!!!

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