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Middle School Projects

Bessie Said:

Could you recommend some good math projects for middle school students?

We Answered:

In 6th grade we did a big project where we used the textbook to look up vocabulary definitions and make a powerpoint or a booklet over the vocabulary. Hope this helps!

Cecil Said:

Any ideas on middle school science fair projects on plants?

We Answered:

How about the effects of salt water on plant growth?
Why do plants grow towards the light?

You'll find many more ideas for science projects about plants at this site. Best of luck with it.

Tara Said:

what are some great art projects for middle school students?

We Answered:

i would try a project that lets the kids be really creative and focus on painting what they feel. try cubism. anyone can do it and its fun for the kids to see what they can find in others students work. some basic crayola paint, markers, and crayons plus paper is all u need, besides maybe cubism pictures from the internet.

Veronica Said:

Does anyone Know some good science fair projects at middle school level?

We Answered:

I just recently did one on Plants. It was very easy because the plant did most of the work. You need Four weeks but two weeks at the minimum. Buy to plants of the same type. Put one in the sunlight and put one in the dark. The one in the sun will be your control group, which is the one the other plant will be compared to. The plant in the dark should have an equal amount of time in the sun and in the dark. So either to weeks so you can have one week of darkness and one week of light, or four weeks with the same procedure.
Make sure when doing the experiment that you put the plant in the dark before you put them both in the light. Also be sure that one stays in the sunlight like normal, and make sure they both get the same amount of nutrients.

Marion Said:

Middle school science projects?

We Answered:…

Katherine Said:

What are some good science projects for Middle School Students?

We Answered:

My students love this. I give them a bottle, funnel, balloon, baking soda and vinegar. I tell them they have to blow up the balloon without using their mouth. I give them about 5 minutes to develop a plan then they get to try it. Make sure you give them small amounts because it will go everywhere. We do it over aluminum pans and cleanup is easy.

If you want the plan I'm willing to email it to you.

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