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Middle School Reading Comprehension

Tina Said:

Half of my life story. Will you please judge me?

We Answered:

no i wont judge u other then to say u sound upset @ world probably with good reason

Robin Said:

What are some tips/curriculums for a homeschooled middle school child with ADHD... details?

We Answered:

He needs hands-on, meaningful work that creates associations between what he is learning and all the extras. Follow his lead, find 'regular' books that fill his education needs, and drop the textbooks. Once you stop buying those, you'll have the extra cash to get museum and zoo memberships. Get those and STAY there as much as he wants. No agenda, just allow him to learn from that environment. Added bonus is that with memberships, you get free or reduced price classes. Stimulate his interests by visiting new places, not just museums or libraries, but new stores...a variety of places, state or national parks. Anything could start an interest...leading to an extraordinary amount of learning.

If his handwriting is legible, stop forcing him to write. In this day and age, you don't have to write more than to sign your name on a debit slip or fill out a job app (and many places you can do that online even)

If he gets overwhelmed easily, stop doing so much. You're homeschooling so that he doesn't HAVE to follow the school's don't do it at home! My children have various and sundry issues, including aspergers, autism, adhd, and sad. Homeschooling is such an effective and wonderful way to sustain their innate love of learning.

Eva Said:

Middle - high school books to read (Everyone please read!)?

We Answered:

mostly, i read fantasy- it was a good escape. some authors i loved for 7-9th grades are:
Bruce Coville ( sci fi/fantasy)
Shanon Hale ( fairytale fantasy)
Sarah Beth Durst ( fairytale fantasy)
Chris Heimerdinger ( Time Travel adventure)
Brandon Mull ( adventure fantasy)
James Dashner ( huge adventure fantasy)
Gordon Korman( this is adventure only)
Emily Rodda. ( fantasy/ adventure fantasy)
Micheal Buckly ( best fairy tale fantasy stuff EVER)
for 9-10th grades i loved all of the above, plus:
Jessica Day George ( slight romance- mostly dragon or fairy tale fantasy- totally amazing, one of the best ever)
Meg Cabot ( romance, adventure elements of fantasy)
Flavia Bujor ( fantasy)
reviews for books by these authors( most of them) can be found on the site below, run by me. these books are all really good- most of them are very entertaining and well written, as well as having totally amazing endings.
for the record, i hate and cannot stand 'twilight'

Andy Said:

What are good Assistive Technology ideas?

We Answered:

You should check with your school's Occupational Therapist. Some AT ideas might include using a computer or AlphaSmart (basically a keyboard that stores whole essays which are transmitted to a computer to print). For writing/math definitely use large squared graph paper for math problem alignment. When allowed, let the students use calculators- or even just use the calculators to check their work.

Ruth Said:

Where can you find the Reading Comprehension level of a novel?

We Answered:

Pride and prejudice is not a particularly difficult book. It's in the beginning of the "literature" range. Tougher than popular literature, such as Stephen King, but easy compared to Dostoevsky and butter compared to Kant.
Keep reading. It will make more sense as you go on - same for French and Latin.

Jimmie Said:

free printable schoolwork for Middle School Level?

We Answered:

try these……

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