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Middle School Reading Games

Wade Said:

Middle School Issues, please answer!?

We Answered:

What's the question?

Paula Said:

what is the title of a book about people who play a card game and turn into aliens?

We Answered:

Alien Game by Catherine Dexter?

Rafael Said:


We Answered:

thanks for anwering my question

the whole aim thing is too hard to read. LOl

well it does sound like she like you, you shouldnt worry it so much.

the best advice to tell you is, if you have her number call her and be straight forward, trust me you'll melt her heart.

by being honest, you shouldnt worry about much, but be yourself,

she either accept you or not, life still goes on sweetie.

dont get too serious though its just middle school.


hope this helps

my aim is bubblexbo0ty if you need a chat. =)

Ruben Said:

why can't I accomplish anything in school or work?

We Answered:

Grades are not a measure of your intelligence or your talents. They are a measure of how well you can succeed in a classroom setting, how well you can focus on topics that might not be particularly interesting to you, and how well you've developed your sense of self-discipline.

This probably doesn't have much to do with your father dying. A lot of therapy just makes things worse because it gives you an excuse to not get over your problems.

You've obviously shown that you are intelligent enough to succeed in college. But you need more than that. Most of the work is following through. Start reading books on how to take notes, study effectively, and talk to professors. Find what degree you want to earn and work, work, work until the passion to take the world as your own overtakes you. Rise to your own expectations. Show off your remarkable abilities. Get in the right MINDSET.

After you graduate, you will be so grateful for having gotten over that patch of mud dragging you down in life. Do what you enjoy, build up your family, and don't forget yourself in the process.

Bill Said:

Thinking about it, I'm getting quite sick?

We Answered:

you have 2 choices. Please yourself or please your dad !! Which is most important to you ?

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