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Middle School Reading Strategies

Nathaniel Said:

I like my guy friend but he's totally in love with another girl?

We Answered:

Seems like you should of told him when you first became you let him get away....and another girl done snagged him up. I say you should tell him...then if it don't work out with him and his present girl...he will have you in mind.....and if its meant to happen it will....until then....don't sit around waiting for him....there are many more men out there.

Manuel Said:

Professional Herpetologists and Reptile Keepers please help...?

We Answered:

I personally know a few actual herpetologists, and they all did their undergrad in Biology, I believe. One of them is a biology professor at a university, another is a zookeeper, and another is a professsional snake breeder, Bob Clark. Jobs for someone with a degree in herpetology are very limited, and most people will be unable to find jobs utilizing their education. But yes, a college degree is almost a requirement to be a zookeeper. You can contact Dr. Neil Ford, who I am friends with as well as his son. He is a herpetologist and the biology professor at the University of Texas at Tyler. I can't think of anyone who could better answer your questions and tell you what you need to know to get started on the right path. Here is his e-mail address: [email protected]

Ramon Said:

Can the current political situation be described as an attempt to expand Roman Empire?

We Answered:

I am an older Christian .
But I will say this - so far every religion has been corrupted through out the ages because of greed and the desire for power and domination. There are no exceptions .
I believe ( think ) that both good and evil right now are like salt and pepper that has been tossed together . Impossible for human kind to separate . It would certainly take divine intervention.
Because there is good and bad every where . No people as a whole can claim they are with out sin . No person can claim that either .
In the Christian Bible it says - Let the Angels do the harvesting - least you pull out the Good as well as the Bad.

Valerie Said:


We Answered:


Jimmie Said:

Juvenile Justice HELP HELP HELP?

We Answered:

This is not a "juvenile justice" question. It is an "I am too pathetic to do my own homework" question.

Shame on you.

Glen Said:

Are there boot camps for children?

We Answered:

Yes. There are plenty. But if you do, and he comes back changed, there's a chance he'll revert back due to his age, because it's the home that got him that way to begin with.
Fix him there first.

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