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Middle School Resources

Kelly Said:

Online resources for middle school brass instruction?

We Answered:

You can find some full text articles at these sites

other stuff……

Kelly Said:

In a middle school, how do resource room teachers collaborate with other school personnel?

We Answered:

Generally team meetings. That how it works where I am

Mae Said:

My child wants to go to boarding school; are there resources that will allow me to pay on my limited income?

We Answered:

I go to boarding school and here over 60% of students including myself recieve financial aid. This is possible due to our large endowment. The problem is at a school like mine in order to even get in you must have a good record, no disciplinary problems, no bad grades, good SSAT scores, etc. There are schools that will accept such cases as your daughter, a lot of boarding schools are also just High Schools. If she's only 12, I would suggest her not getting in trouble and keeping her grades up and she will get into a much better and more serious school. It is possible that if you find a school like mine that uses financial aid to create a diverse environment you will be able to afford it. Often your child needs to be accepted before you are given a financial aid package so it may be necessary to look at and apply to several schools and then decide. The website I've attached may be helpful in your search. Good Luck.

Tracy Said:

Human Resource Specialist OR Middle School Teacher?

We Answered:

A lot of it depends on how you want to spend your days. Would you rather spend them working with teenagers or career professionals?

I would lean more towards Human Resource Specialist, because middle school can a very challenging age group to work with especially with all of the changes that happen at that age, whereas Human Resources allows you to work as part of the backbone for a company.

With Human Resources, there are a number of different things you can do to be part of a company. A lot of large companies have more than one HR Specialist that each focus on different areas including:

- Manage employee benefits
- Manage recruitment of new talent, interviews and hiring
- Front desk/reception work
- Overall strategic planning
- Labor relations management
- Compensation management

Either career path will allow you to work in a field where you get to help others and make a difference. Good luck in your decision!

Edward Said:

help in school resources?

We Answered:

School resources are managed by the city, which are handed down by the state. With budget cuts eliminating many programs and resources the school system will suffer also. Budgets get smaller but the amount to run an individual school increases. The school board recommends where each school should spend their money and it is managed accordingly. So after school activities will suffer and many other programs that children have become accustomed to. But sanitary conditions should never suffer due to budget cuts, If there is a sanitary issue that must be immediately reported and handled. Lunches again is something that cant be controlled, once again the budget determines the quality of food. Quality doesn't mean that the food is unsafe but what I mean you wont be eating a sirloin steak but hamburger instead.

Warren Said:

How do I motivate a middle school boy to succeed in school?

We Answered:

Being motivated to succeed in school needs to come from within. The best time to instill an internal desire for academic achievement is in the formative years, even before formal education begins.

Since your son is already in middle school and we are concerned with this issue now, we will have to approach this situation that is appropriate and fair to your son.

First, let's remember that your boy is not a little child who will be guided and instructed as easily as a 3 or 4 year old. You can't just wave a cookie in his face, and get him to look at you. He has become a complex young adult, and is beginning to have his own will and desires that are very separate and distinct from you own. Different people learn in different ways, and certainly you know your son the best. Here are some ways that may work to connect with your son.

One way to encourage interest in school, might be to stimulate internal motivation for doing well in school. You can help your son understand why doing well and making an effort in school is important, and how it may make a difference in his life in the future.

For example, you can simulate the situation of life as a HS dropout vs. a College graduate at home and do some role-playing and have a discussion about what are his thoughts and feelings about afterwards. Set-up role-play where he can experience having the income (allowance) and qualifications of a HS dropout for a week -- which means he might be stuck doing most of the manual labor chores at home that don't require reading/math/writing or creative skills, such as washing the dishes, cleaning the toilet, watering the lawn, folding laundry, etc.

Then, in the next week, he can experience having the boosted income (or allowance) and qualifications and of a college graduate -- and maybe his "college degree" will give him added skills that he can use to qualify to perform more creative or less tiring chores, such as writing up a budgeted grocery list for the week, counting/passing out allowances to siblings, cooking the dinner, planning the weekend family outing, or whatever else he is good at and requires reading/writing/math/science to do.

Another way, is to spark his interest. Perhaps, he loves to experiment with science. Maybe, he is a talented musician. Or maybe he loves animals or is a great athlete. There is always some form of academic achievement that can enhance and make a person a better scientist, a better musician, a better animal caretaker, and even a better athlete. Knowing physics and geometry and reading books like Sun Tzu's Art of War, can help with coming up with good sports strategies. Learning geography and about the weather and climates can help him understand the natural habitats of animals better. Or, discovering the hidden secrets of the histories of our cultures, may unlock stories of cultural reference for his favorite rock bands or the origins of his favorite musical instrument. There's so many ways to tie in school-learning with your son's favorite extra-curricular activities.

And finally, perhaps your son is a very social kid who likes to spend time with others. Maybe you can make homework-time a special bonding-time between a parent or a homework-buddy. Be engaged with YOUR SON, not the homework, and really be interested in the process, NOT the RESULTS. Be ready to answer questions, think through things together -- don't just be the talking answer-sheet that gives him answers or corrects him. Make sure the time counts, and remember that it's more about doing it together, rather than than just making him do it right. Be sure to make eye-contact and ask questions about his thought processes, and use positive words of encouragement, and also pats on the back or hugs after the work is all done. Be genuinely interested in him while you spend this time together and begin to teach him starting now that homework isn't something that he has to do all alone. It can be a fun time, just as fun as playing a board-game together, or having dinner together. Maybe it can even be an opportunity to laugh together about something, or even learn something new about each other that you didnt' know before.

I hope things work out. Some kids just need a little space. And some kids need more attention than ever. You know your son best. What you don't want to do, especially at this age, is to nag at him and boss him around. Regardless of what happens with the school issue, COMMUNICATION is the most important thing at this age. Don't lose this, even if you lose that perfect report card.

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