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Middle School Science Articles

Tom Said:

What can you tell me about high school (more elaborate inside)?

We Answered:

Yeah, high school is a step up in all extracurricular activities. So many more options are open for you. The teachers will most likely be much, much smarter in that area (you'll always have a couple weirdo teachers). You have a voice more in high school, and if you and your fellow classmates don't like the way your teacher is doing something, let them know about it. Middle school is just preparing you for these 4 years, so everything is downplayed.

You'll meet a lot of smart kids in high school, I know I did. You can definitely carry on a more in depth convo with someone in the same club as you. Kids will put forth more effort and even make sure that their club is better than any other in the school. Like at my high school, during the homecoming parade, each club made their own float and showed off what they are all about.

About the maturity, usually freshman can get a little cocky, because deep down all of us felt intimidated by the upperclassman (I know I did at first). But that eventually goes away. By the end of the year, freshman will have matured quite a bit. So yes, most kids will mature throughout their first year of high school. It's a new reality.

Marilyn Said:

Know where I can find a good science article for a middle schooler?

We Answered:

ok i have to do this stuff all the time...
Go to
Hope it helped!:O

Glenda Said:

Why are American students so far behind the rest of the world in school?

We Answered:

You are right. America has the worst school education in terms of middle school through High school. But it has one of the best Universities. It's ironic. If you don't give basic education to your kids, how would they do well in Universities. Students from India and China come after High school and go straight to UCLA and Harvard or Yale. I have a friend from India. her husband came after his bachelors and got 1600 in GRE and went straight to Yale in PhD department of defense.

We need to improve our education in middle school and High school, so our kids can compete with these foreign students. They lack in Math and English. How ironic is this that students from India speak better English and they have better writing skills.

Herman Said:

Science Fair Project ideas, Experiments etc.?

We Answered:

Here are some links that should help you. Best of luck with it.

Shirley Said:

Are school subjects like history, geography and science too middle class?

We Answered:

Too middle class?? what the......?

Everyone has the right to learn...whatever the subject. i have never heard such drivel!

Barry Said:

Quiz on database searching?

We Answered:

Since many of the answers are specific to the school, check the study materials you were given. (No one here knows which databases the library subscribes to or where you have to be to access them.)

Gerald Said:

Correct me if my understanding on space is wrong...?

We Answered:

You said sun is the centre of the milky way this is wrong milky way is a galaxy and a galaxy has an enormous black hole at the centre not a star or a planet.
Other all things are very good according to me
May God Bless You!

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