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Middle School Science Books

Harvey Said:

Which is more accurate, the bible, or a middle school science book?

We Answered:

Regardless of what I think about either, you are comparing apples to oranges. The Bible is not a science book and the science book is not a book on philosophy. That's like asking which I prefer, the phone book or the dictionary. They have different uses.

Megan Said:

i need help finding my class zone earth science book code in middle school does someone know?

We Answered:

Call a friend that could have their book, because the code is usually the bar code of the text book.

Andrew Said:

science fiction books for middle school?

We Answered:

The Robert Heinlein juveniles would all be suitable. He wrote 12 in all.

They are:

Rocket Ship Galileo

Space Cadet

Red Planet

Farmer in the Sky

Between Planets,

The Rolling Stones (also known as Space Family Stone)

Starman Jones,

The Star Beast

Tunnel in the Sky

Time for the Stars

Citizen of the Galaxy

Have Space Suit—Will Travel

The following links to a review of the series:…

Carole Said:

Middle school reading suggestions...?

We Answered:

in 7th i had to read tom sawyer, in my father's house, tangerine, and no man's land. in 8th grade i've had to read animal farm, twelve angry men, and i'm reading rice without rain now.

Constance Said:

how hard is the middle school science praxis exam? is there a book to help study?

We Answered:

I am scheduled to take it in a few months, so do not know how hard it is yet. If you Google 'middle school science praxis study guide' you will find ways to buy an ebook to download, or you can buy it on the praxis ETS website under study materials. They do not print a hard-copy anymore, but you might find one used (online) or in a book store.

Jean Said:

science fiction in middle school?

We Answered:

This is an old classic - "The Day of the Triffids" by John Wyndham
How about "Frankenstein's Monster or Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde ?
Also check some of Isaac Asimov & HG Wells works.

Here's a reading list as per your specifications, from which you may like to choose one ?…

Hope th is heps
Have fun :-)

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