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Middle School Science Curriculum

Katie Said:

Science classes teaching Evolution, Big Bang Theory AND about Jesus?

We Answered:

Around here, we used the book, 'From goo to you by way of the zoo" After a short time, evolution was flatly rejected.

It is still taught as a 'theory' as it should be, but once the kids were taught to think 'critically' about the issues, they quickly came to see the folly of such non-sense.

The last 'true believer of evolution' in the Science dept. quit a few years ago, once she realized that most of the students just couldn't take it serious anymore.

We now have well educated teachers, who present all theories without pushing a 'belief' system such as evolution as fact.

It works much better that way.

Jorge Said:

i am in middle school and i have to choose a high school in 4 days but i want to be a forensic anrthroplogist?

We Answered:

The best fit for what you want to do is the program in medical science. That program gives you all the right science and math classes to allow you to enter a good university, ready to take the right classes at that uni so that you'd be on track for a PhD in this field.

The computer science program really isn't a fit. The math there is good, but the science is all wrong.

The engineering and science program would be okay, but the medical science is an exact fit, so I'd have you look at that one, and use engineering and science as your second choice, if you need a backup.

The one thing I'd like you to ask about - in the medical science program, can you only take two years of a foreign language, or could you choose to take more? Most of the colleges I'd like you to look at would prefer (some actually require) you to take more than two years of the same foreign language in high school, so if it's possible for you to at least add a third year of that foreign language, you should consider doing so.

George Said:

I need a recommendation for a good science fiction short story...?

We Answered:

"The Cold Equations" by Tom Godwin (wikipedia article at… is a classic.

You can also see a list of Hugo award winners and nominees at… - you may find something else that you like.

Sue Said:

How much competition is there for charter school jobs?

We Answered:

It depends. Some teachers will not teach in a charter school because many do not have the job security, pay scale, & benefits of a public school job. Some teachers enjoy the freedom of one. It just depends on the school and who is running it. I would be hesitant to teach in a charter school without exploring in detail what it is like. Some in Ohio have gone bankrupt or been closed by the state and left the teachers without paychecks & the students without classrooms.

Kristina Said:

For Middle School/Junior High Kids - "Hands Off" policies?

We Answered:

to be honest the administrators have good reasons to have a hands off policy hugging isn't bad but it can lead to other things. some times kids can hide feeling up other students with a "hug" as they do in my school. in 8th grade kids are starting to have feelings for other students and having a hands off policy would help prevent future problems. and if you have to ask a future question of what agrde im in i am in 11th grade but i felt the same way when i was in 8th.

Natalie Said:

8th grade physical science- can anyone suggest a website for students?

We Answered:

Do you think we don't know the difference between physical science and physical education?

How about looking at some books for physical science (not PE, LOL)

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