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Middle School Science Education

Jamie Said:

How does having a greenhouse at a middle school enhance their science education?

We Answered:

Agriculture is a science. My dad was a plant pathologist, worked for the US dept. of Agriculture AND a phD from Cornell PLANT SCIENCE. There's also horticulture, forestry, to name a couple.

In middle school, kids need to explore their options and curiosities, as they're getting ready to start figuring out what they "want to do when they grow up."

Thelma Said:

Is it difficult to find work as a middle school math/science teacher in MI?

We Answered:

I think qualified teachers can find a job anywhere.

Erin Said:

is there a correlation between drug education at the middle school and drug deaths or usage by middle school?

We Answered:

Its asking you

If kids take a drug education course in middle school are they more likely to overdose on drugs?

The answer is quite frankly yes. Infact there has been a dramtic rise in overdoeses in elementary and middle schools as a result of this so called "education".

Drug related deaths has increased over 627% since the inclusion of programs such as D.A.R.E. and other like programs. This is due to the fact that kids are introduced to drugs at an earlier age. Also there is the increase of deaths via lung cancer. As you know most of these programs are supported and paid for by the tobacco companies. They do this to introduce kids to smoking as soon as possible, inorder to addict them to nicoteine and then have them hooked on smoking.

Remember, just say no to drug education.

Discuss It!

Lukas Cheska said:

After reading these questions and answers from you so called "educators" I can see why the American education system is broken. Did you people even complete High School?