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Middle School Science Fair Ideas

Ben Said:

Does anybody have any middle school - high school Science Fair Project ideas?

We Answered:

Okay, usually I just troll here but I do have a really good one that I did. Send out empty vials to anybody that you know all over the country. Have them collect rain or river or whatever water for you then send it back. Test the pH of these samples then plot the results on a map. It's pretty cool. (And if you do it right the water should get more acidic as you move west to east across the US due to wind patterns)

Ramona Said:

will i win a middle school science fair with decifering ink? if not do you have any ideas for me.?

We Answered:

Stamps often come with a biro mark on them on the envelope in the UK cos the post office forgot to cancel the stamps. Thus they cannot be used in a collection however valuable the stamps.

So how about finding something to eradicate the biro on a stamp without in anyway getting rid of the colour. You would be Gods gift to all collectors.


Sara Said:

middle school science fair ideas?

We Answered:

Vinegar Volcano!! Just kidding, I actually got beat by a damn vinegar volcano once in school, I was pissed. I did this experiment where I had 3 plants. I treated them all the same except for one listened to Metallica, One listened to Mozart and one listened to jazz. I can't remember which one did the best but it wasn't the Metallica plant! You can do the KE=1/2MV^2 test. Where you drop a metal weight into a bed of clay from different heights to show that when a weight is at twice the height, it will make an indentation of 4 times the depth. It's a strange phenomenon.

Nathan Said:

Hi guys my middle school science fair is coming up soon and i dont know what topic to do any ideas?

We Answered:

i did a project where you added salt to water tomake an egg float. its was original fun and pretty cool.…
if you want more info just google(:

Linda Said:

I need help on a middle school science fair. I'm not asking you to do it I'm just asking for ideas help-Plz

We Answered:

volcanoes....or the mountains under the ocean

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