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Middle School Science Fair Projects Topics

Diana Said:

Science Fair projects or Ideas?

We Answered:

Download Weather Bug and then explain why the daytime temperatures on a hot day differ by 10 degrees or more going from the coast to 10 miles inland. San Diego County, California is a good example of this.

Margie Said:

What is a good science fair topic that has to do with hair?

We Answered:

hair is a really bad topic but you could use the schools microscope and show samples of the different kinds of hair and explain why they are different

you could use cat hair, blonde hair, black hair, artificial fibres, they all look noticably different under a microscope

Sandra Said:

Science Fair Project Topic-Pyschology-Ideas?

We Answered:

first of all psychology or physiology

psychology is a bit hard to do a science fair project.!

Leo Said:

Does Everyone Pee in the Pool...Science Fair Projects?

We Answered:

I found one very good site for science projects and helped me a lot..i am very much impressed from their material..and also had some words with their owners.
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