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Middle School Science Fair Topics

Marcus Said:

What whould be a good topic for a middle school science fair??

We Answered:

How about the dangers of some things found within the household such as using inhalants ('huffing' fumes) or playing 'the choking game' or even those teens that chug robitussin (over-the-counter/otc cough medicine) that can cause dangerous hallucinations (Any hallucinations can be 'dangerous' though) and can be addictive and lethal. A friend has a traumatic brain injury (tbi) and bone marrow (fatty inner lining of bones that makes blood cells) damage from huffing at age 12, now in her 30's. It can be very interesting to research as well as priceless information for both you and your peers.

I once saw a photo from a science/community fair which showed a mother who had tragically lost her son due to inhalant use and she had a table display of enlarged pictures of makeshift products that can mame or kill. An example of what was displayed was a tube of glue that instead of the name 'rubber cement' or 'superglue' on it, she printed 'brain eraser' or such.

For more info on the dangers of huffing:

For more info on the dangers of 'the choking game':

Jack Said:

What is the best science fair topics for middle school, (it has to be an experimental question)?

We Answered:

if you want to be cool, try building a Hover craft, their quite easy, you can measure speed or something, the directions are online, just type in hover craft on

Greg Said:

Good science fair topics for Middle School?

We Answered:

Try this site…

Answer mine;…

Viola Said:

I need a middle school science fair topic.?

We Answered:

Make a magic act using an electric magnet.

Get a bunch of objects and insert in them a piece of steel or iron, be sure to put it in a place where they will remain upright in midair.
Get information on how to make an electric magnet and control it.
Make the objects "Float" magically in the air when the electric magnet is turned on.
Explain how magnetism makes objects with iron or steel in them float. Use pictures of the magicians Siegfried and Roy - they used electromagnets in their magic act to help them "Fly".
Have fun.
Another idea is to collect a bunch of cheap electronics at a thrift store and demonstrate how electromagnetic waves affect electronic equipment by disturbing their magnetic field.

Brent Said:

School Science Fair project topics middle school plz need help?

We Answered:

Do Coke and Mentos!

You'll find that it's NOT actually a chemical reaction, but a physical one - the explosive force of coke and Mentos is caused by the gum arabic in the Mentos disturbing the surface tension of the liquid, liberating carbon dioxide from the fluid. :) You could do the same experiment more cheaply by using washing up detergent instead of Mentos - in fact, liquid soap is probably much better than Mentos at affecting surface tension, so you might get even BIGGER and MORE EXPLOSIVE reactions than with Mentos. :)

I reckon that would be an awesome science project, and everyone would learn about surface tension - which can also be used to create a "motorboat" using soap, and which is what allows pond skaters to "walk on water".

It's *kinda* chemistry... but more correctly, would fit into the "forces in fluids" category. Surface tension is caused by electrostatic attraction between water (or other fluid) molecules.

Other experiments you could try in a project on surface tension include floating a needle on the surface of the water, or observing capillary action - another phenomenon of surface tension. That's actually a *great* topic!

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