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Middle School Science Games

Seth Said:

Cool science projdect please?

We Answered:

i am in hs
i made a "roller coaster"
i made it out of tube, u can find that i acehard ware thats whrer i found mine. u twist the tubing glue it onta a base, and put a marble in it and thats it!
oh and i decorated the base
and painted to tube. The theme was "princess". Lol. I was in middle school...

Norma Said:

I have ADD and can never do well academically in college, need advice.?

We Answered:

talk to a doctor. there is a medication many advanced students take, some not even with ADD, to help them focus. There was an issue in my hs with 2 many students taking it to help them focus for long periods of time on studying. I dont remember the name of it, but i know you need a perscription.

Sue Said:

Depression from school is beating away at me?

We Answered:

You need to add some personal pleasures everyday, shake up your routine enough so you don't bore yoruself to death , and make a strong effort at how you are going to deal with this in your life.
I am thinking each hour take a ten minute break at least. Make a list of things you would love to do, and love and incoorporate them into your schedule and life. Enjoy yourself.
If you are going to be pushing yourself like this your whole life, it is good to learn how to have some fun in there , now. Take a least an hour , broken up or all at once each day for fun. Consider , if you are not having fun in your chosen work , then you may wish to look into doing something you love and like and not just the same ole routine of something you are not even into.
You may like this woman to help idk
Make a list of foods you love and take a different one each day. take time to enjoy it.
Join and have at least one or two activities that have nothing to do with your chosen career, and are for pure fun , besides lacrosse.
Learn how to do this, now, so you can truly live your life and not just exist.
Find what works for you to feel better.
Join groups where you can meet females into your interests, etc.
best wishes

Richard Said:

Do you still have any friends from HS, middle, elementary school? Am I a spoiled sport?

We Answered:

Loosen up. Even adults have fun, you know. And having collegial relations at least is a good thing. You won't get many if you narc on everyone you meet for things that are really minimal issues at best. What business is it of yours if your friends were ...well, doing whatever the hell that was. It's weird, but it's none of your business unless someone in that 5 person pile-on was feeling violated.

Because you made it your business, someone lost their role. I can see why they're annoyed with you, and why they spread the story to make your reputation what it is today. You're only as good as your actions, and that action was a rather prissy thing to have done. No one wants to hang out with people who believe they're self-appointed morally superior vice cops. You've made your bed, now you must lie in it. You're free to speak your mind, but you're responsible for the consequences of your actions.

Katherine Said:

Depression from school?

We Answered:

millions of people suffer from depression. You aren't alone. I suffer from Bipolar, manic depression. Probably since I was 8. I currently have been sleeping alot. I'm on disability now for many reasons and have no life.

You are young. You don't need a girlfriend at this age. Just make friends and have fun with them. Learn and have fun. That's all you are responsible for.

Maybe seek counseling and see if they can help see why you are depressed.

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