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Middle School Science Project Ideas

Sean Said:

what are some good middle school science project ideas?

We Answered:

Do something that people usually don't do. I did a project on how eating meat harms the enviorment. It turned out great.

Erik Said:

what are some good ideas for a middle school science project?

We Answered:

As others have suggested, there are so many ideas to choose from...
I think the most important aspect is that it should be something that really interests you, so that your project, and your results, will reflect your enthusiasm.

I don't know which subjects you're studying this year, but no matter what they are, you can use the tools you've been learning to approach any question from a scientific perspective.

Try this: spend an entire day with your eyes and your mind open, watching the world.
From the moment you wake up, get dressed (pick your colors... how does the combination of pigments appear like colors in our eyes?) and eat your breakfast (why do some products mix well and others don't?), attend school (which methods work best for you and your friends in terms of memorizing certain data? - you could do a survey and apply statistical analyses-), keep breathing (what about a small self-contained ecosystem? with a chart of inflow and outflow of energy/matter), go back home (how do you do it? Do you walk - try biomechanics of your leg bones and muscles -, ride a vehicle - what about a model of an internal combustion engine? - .
Or would you rather fly home? (but what does it take for a solid body to fly?)

See? There are millions of questions, and any of them make for good projects if you have a little time and dedication.

Also, I googled a little and found this site:…
with lots of ideas for science projects, including a survey that may help you find a project according to your personal preferences:…

Anyway, good luck! I'm a biologist, so feel free to contact me if you think any of these ideas are any good :-)

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