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Middle School Science Worksheets

Stacey Said:

What is the factor that changes in an experiment because of the manipulated variable?

We Answered:

the dependant variable changes

Margaret Said:

help!! i can't forgive myself for what i've done?

We Answered:

Life's a beeatch sometimes. I learned a lot of lessons on my own instead of listening to adults... you'll get past it. You can try a written apology, but even if that doesn't work at least learn something from it and don't repeat your mistakes. Consequences are inevitable. Hang in there!

P.S. Cutting isn't going to help AT ALL, and you will end up with ugly scars to hide as an adult, trust me on that one too. Snap a rubber band on your wrist if you insist... but nothing sharp.

Carol Said:

what is a good 6th grade science project?

We Answered:

When I was in 5th grade I won 1st place out of the entire school with a science project I did on "Which battery lasts the longest." I went out and bought like 7 flashlights (the same ones) and I put different brands of batteries in each one. I labeled them and then I turned them on at night (for a few weeks) and I waited until each of them gave out. The one that lastest the longest for me wasn't actually the energizer bunny. It was Duracell. The generics gave out first...It was pretty interesting when I did it. Maybe you could have the same success. Good luck!

Bill Said:

Is it normal to have lots of homework when you're in middle school?

We Answered:

that's about right, i'm in 8th grade and i'm also in algebra, and that's about what i get. i don't get much science homework but i know for social studies i have to take notes for homework.

Charlotte Said:

Who goes to Billinghurst middle school in Reno??

We Answered:

Okay..... um..... i will um.....tell um.......later um...........
Sorry Never mind. here are the answers. the answer for # 10 is um........ tell you later um............

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