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Middle School Science

Diana Said:

How can a middle school student get a head start on becoming a science teacher?

We Answered:

Sounds like you're serious! Okay! Well, as far as your schooling goes--take ALL the science classes you can. This also goes for math classes. They go together. When you get to high school, continue this trend. Hopefully, that will include physics and calculus classes.

Over the summers, see if you can get into summer science camps--and eventually even work at these camps as a counselor in the summers. Also, get buddy-buddy with your science teachers (after they get to know you and your work ethic) and ask them if you can TA for them (my school only allows juniors/seniors to TA for teachers but it's incredibly helpful). Also ask if they know of any programs you can get into or people that you should meet.

Eventually, you're going to want to observe science teachers in the classroom after you leave high school. It's hard to see the other side (the teaching side) and fully understand it until you leave your high school life/world behind (check out both middle and high school classes). Look into colleges and universities that have strong education and science departments. If they do their job to help you, you'll be in and out of college in four years--and with two degrees.

I do want to note that it's not a bad idea to keep your mind open to other things you love. Take fun classes in high school (while they're free to you ;) and see what else interests you. Even if you're set on teaching science, you're going to need a break every so often. So take some time to find other things you enjoy. Good luck. Science rocks. ;)

Note: When you go to observe science classes, go to different schools. Each school (and district) is run a little differently. Get a feel for it. You'll have an even better idea of what you like when you student teach. Science is going to be a big need area very soon, so when you're ready, you could have some great choices to choose from.

Caroline Said:

How do you become a middle school science teacher?

We Answered:

In my state there are 2 options, (1) is you get your BSEd in Secondary Science Education, and are certified to teach grades 7 to 12. . . or (2) you get your BSEd in Elementary Education (with a Science Focus) and are certified to teach K-6. I know, it's crazy to split it up like that, (gotta love government:) but the 6th graders are taught by elementary certified teachers, and the 7th and 8th graders by high school certified science teachers. And all of our middle schools are 6-8.

Bonnie Said:

What is a good middle school science fair project?

We Answered:

These science fair sites can help with ideas for projects:………………

Gordon Said:

Will I be qualified to teach middle school science?

We Answered:

Several states will accept other states' certifications, especially if you intend to take their certification test within a certain period of time after moving to a new job there. Each state has its own rules on what counts and how long you have, but your BS and certification should be enough at least to get you interviews at new schools, and they can help you remain certified at a new place. Hope this helps!

Sean Said:

Any advice for what to buy for a middle school science lab?

We Answered:

It's been a few years since I taught science, but the teacher's guide usually had a list of all the supplies I would need for a particular unit. That should be your first place to look. Also, middle school students love animals... try two bearded dragons and watch the kids be amazed when they challenge each other. (Note: I guarantee they won't fight.)

Nathan Said:

Please recommend a book for preparing praxis 2 middle school science?

We Answered:

Barrons workook. You can probaly find it on Barns and Noble. The trick is you have to look at the questions on science on all of the practice test not just the test you are going to take.

Arlene Said:

What are some good middle school science fair ideas?

We Answered:

These sites have lots of science fair project ideas:………………

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