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Middle School Social Studies Textbooks

Tracy Said:

Do you believe multiculturalism is working? Why or why not?

We Answered:

multiculturalism isn't all it's cracked up to be. Almost without fail, the more diverse a country is the more crime it has. It's not PC to mention it, but it's a consistent truth. Different cultures just have incompatibilities with other cultures and problems arise because of it.

Jessica Said:

Combining (homeschool) subjects and finding ways to record it separately?

We Answered:

Although I have never heard of any state being restrictive as what you are saying, I think you can still count it as two activities if you do two different extension activities. To count the book as reading, have her write a book report. For history, have her research the 1930's, The depression, or the beginning of Jazz and write a report of it.

Duane Said:

I would like help please in education (Can i do it)?

We Answered:

IMHO, one has to have either high intelligence or put forth a lot of effort to do math. What one lacks in one area can be made up in the other. You were wise to identify your strengths and weaknesses. The next step is to strengthen your weaknesses, as Michael Jordan did when he did not make his high school basketball team.

If you are serious, go to the lectures, study hard, and use the textbook, you may do quite well. If you do not understand something, ask the instructor, either in class or privately. Do all the assigned problems, then do the ones that were not assigned. Sometimes those turn out to be similar to the ones on the tests. Use whatever tutoring or academic support for math that is offered by your school.

Engineering does require a lot of heavy mathematics. Pharmacy requires math too.

In your first paragraph, you are describing the symptoms of math anxiety (see link below). I would suggest talking to someone at the counseling center at your school. There are tools that you can use to help yourself overcome this anxiety, and a counselor can teach you to use them.

Delores Said:

Why was Jesus Christ in my fifth grade history book?

We Answered:

Religion is a part of history.
I'm sure there were parts about Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism too.

Now, it if is telling you anyone of them is true, well, make a big deal out of it, please.

Diana Said:

How do reasearchers "know" about the past? Could it all be a lie?

We Answered:

We know those things used to exist because we have written accounts, we have pieces of amour and other artifacts from those days (in museums mostly), and sure, we could dig up the graves if we knew where they were. Could it all be one big lie? Not if we have evidence we can hold in our hands.

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