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Middle School Social Studies

Jamie Said:

What do i need in order to become a middle school social studies teacher?

We Answered:

The answer really depends on two things: (1) what your qualifications are now, and (2) the state in which you intend to work.

(1) Teaching requires a four-year bachelors degree. If you still need your degree, the best thing to do is major in "Social Science Education." After you earn the degree, you can take your state's exam and get certified to teach social studies. You'll probably be able to pass the middle and high school exams, and be certified for 6-12.

(2) Some states allow any teacher who has a certificate (a teaching license) to take any of the subject areas exams. So - if you're already a teacher, check with you state certification department. In this case (for example) an English teacher could study independently, pass the social studies test, and be certified/licensed to teach social studies as well as English.

Some states are experiencing a teacher shortage, and allow ANYONE with a 4-year degree to take any teaching examination and become licensed to teach. Getting hired can be a little tricky, since these teachers have had no student teaching experiece, and no teacher-training courses in college. A record of volunteer service (tutoring/mentoring, etc.) and community college teacher-training classes can bolster the resume. Once again - you have to check with your state. It varies from state-to-state.

Some advice - be VERY aware that teaching is about is only about 25% content. The rest is presentation and classroom management.

Best of luck to you. Hope this helps.

Matthew Said:

Where can I find a middle/high school social studies job in NJ?

We Answered:……

Good luck!

Eileen Said:

How long do you have to go to college to become a middle school social studies teacher?

We Answered:

In the state of VA, you would have to take both the Praxis 1 & 2, You would have to recieve a 4yr Bachelors Degree, and at some schools, such as, VA TECH, you will have to attend for 5 years and receive a Masters Degree. When you in college you will have to pick subjects that you would like to teach, and once you graduate you will be able to teach grades 6-12.

~You may find some additional information that can help you at this site: Department of Education

Lillian Said:

Teaching middle vs. high school social studies?

We Answered:

Go high school ... 9th graders and 8th graders have the same behaviors. A 3 period teaching day with a 90 minute prep is awesome. It allows you to do so much more in your class than 50 minute/1hr classes. I hate morning too, but you get used to it after awhile. After a couple years, I made sure that my principal always gave me first period planning. You may not have a choice as to what grade you teach. When I started teaching, I was given the classes no one else wanted. I had to work my way through 9th grade classes until I proved myself and was given Jr and Sr classes. As an untenured teacher, you will probably have very little say about what classes you are given. If you do somehow get to pick take the upperclassmen and thank God!

Debbie Said:

Middle School Social Studies Homework Help! Help?!!?

We Answered:

1 Religion played a huge role in the Golden Age. Temples and architecture was created to honor the gods as in the Parthenon. Sculpture made life like so people could see themselves as the Ideal being or godlike. Plays like tragedies taught moral lessons.
2 By using mind and reason.
I found the answers at the website below…

Beverly Said:

Does anyone have creative ideas for a middle school social studies teacher?

We Answered:

I like to do storytelling about famous people from history.

Claudia Said:

I need to know what to do my senior year to apply as an education major (middle school social studies)?

We Answered:

There is a lot of writing and reading in education. Check with your school counselor or go on the internet and search for the requirement for an Education Major.

Good luck!

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