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Middle School Student Government Association

Raymond Said:

I need help on how to start off this narrative resume for this scholarship. =/?

We Answered:

My advice would be to take a resume class. This will help you set up your stuff into proper format geared toward your scholarship application.

Carla Said:

What are some good business schools with finance to look at?

We Answered:

You did the right thing by going to a community college and pulling up your grades. Now you have a choice to make. I know you said you liked the NY area, but how about one of our good southern schools. The Department of Management at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC selects many students to come into their department without having to go 2 years and then apply. And they have a 5 year Masters Track too, which is a gift. Also, East Carolina University in Greenville has a nationally known business department and their students fare very well upon graduation. Out of state tuition here is often much cheaper than in state tuition in many other states. You should check it out. My roommate in college came from Pennsylvania, where in state tuition for her there would've been more than out of state tuition here! And the cost of livings pretty cheap here too, at least compared to New York. That is why so many out of state students look into the university system in North Carolina. And one more thing, you shouldn't put yourself down so much. What ever makes you think you won't get into a good business program if you do go two years and then apply? It sounds like you have already proven that you can do the work, and if you set your mind to it you can do anything you want to. Hold your head high whereever you go, and Good Luck to you!

Marilyn Said:

Middle School SGA Vice Pres Campaign ideas?

We Answered:

Vote for Krista..Shes a Twister..

Thomas Said:

student government association?

We Answered:

I believe that your job description depends on how your school's student government is organized. It is best for you to check your student government's bylaws and constitution for your role. In general, the secretary is in-charge of the organizations' documents. As such, you will be tasked to take down the minutes during your meetings. Moreover, you will be in-charge of all the other documents of the organization such as a compilation of the documentation of the organizations' activities, etc. It really depends on your student government's structure. If there is someone directly in-charge of the membership, then you don't have to handle the directories. If there is someone else in-charge of the maintenance of the office, its supplies and reservations of the organizations' facilities, then you don't have to do it too.
Being a student leader is not an easy task. Perhaps, you can try reading some reflections on being a student leader:… and…
Towards the end of your term,… might be helpful too.

Kimberly Said:

What do you think?

We Answered:

Why would anyone interview you? There's nothing to talk about; you have your whole life story in intense detail here. Look I am going to sound brutal but believe me in the long run you will thank me. BTW congrats you really are an accomplished individuall.

Take out all those wordy details about being President of the SGA--condense it! No business professional has the time to go through all that especially since some of the details are mundane. Sadly much of what you wrote is like you're accepting an academy award--so also get rid of the overwhelming detail of the SGA officer and Spirt Award in the Awards section. Just list the name of the award! I know you're proud, as you should be, but let an interviewer be intrigued by that and ask you during an interview what it is. That is the appropriate time to pull out this much detail.

Leave the MSA get rid of the details of what that stands for--there are sadly too many predjudiced people in the world and you don't want someone denying you an interview because they are narrow minded.

Get rid of Star Trek and the Simpson's. You have a serious resume and that makes you appear immature

Under all your jobs get rid of details like dusting and mopping. In fact for jobs like store clerk put this kind of description--All aspects of store clerk duties relating to the maintenance and operation of a sucessful retail business (or whatever it is)

You need to condense this thing and your brother is right--1 page is very normal. Example: Yours: Guest speaker- San Jacinto graduation ceremony. Pasadena, TX 2008 My last assignment as president of the Student Government Association was to give a speech on the president of the college at the graduation ceremony, in front 1000 people. Mine: Guest speaker- San Jacinto College, Pasadena TX graduation ceremony. (1000 in attendence).

Diana Said:

Would i be able to get into a 7 year med school?

We Answered:

Most likely no, due to the fact the non-traditional medical school route is primarily open to students who are academically gifted. This normally means you have to be in the 10% of your class with at least a 3.8 GPA (unweighted) to be considered.

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