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Middle School Students

Dennis Said:

Are middle school students really that mean to the teacher?

We Answered:

I am a middle school teacher and I say, as a whole, middle schoolers are probably meaner than elementary schoolers. However, that comes down to a variety of factors; mainly puberty. They have sudden surges of hormones that can cause them to act in unpredictable ways. For example, my students ripped my Christmas tree apart while I was absent. The next day, they bought me a new one--unrequested. Also, many middle schoolers are finding themselves either just being diagnosed with learning disabilities or behavior disorders, or in the process. They are also at the age where they look like adults, but do not have the cognitive abilities--especially the decision making skills--of adults and often times teachers (and parents) forget that fact and have unreasonable expectations. My advice would be for you to observe middle school classrooms where an experienced teacher is present. Elementary children are often very cute, but middle schoolers can get jokes and make you laugh more than the younger kids. Personally, I enjoy the middle grades because I like the inside jokes and the constant soap-opera like recounts I get from the kids about what goes on. Also, the curriculum is a bit more interesting and challenging. Good luck!

Kristina Said:

What is the most pressing issue facing middle school students today?

We Answered:

Bullying is a huge problem. Try doing a search on Rachael Wiseman---she has written a number of books on the subject and the whole clique culture that can lead to bullying, and is a good resource. Take a look at bullying and is a really big problem in schools now because girls are pretty good at not getting caught.

Theodore Said:

Passing out prescription birthcontrol to middle school students, what do you think?

We Answered:

The girls would be checked by a doctor before being given the birth control. And they would check up on her every few months to make sure everything is okay.

I think its a great idea, along with sex education and contraceptives being provided, this will hopefully lower the teen pregancy rate in this country.

Take for example The Netherlands, they give out birth control and condoms and have the LOWEST teen pregancy rate and LOWEST abortion rate in the world.

Joy Said:

Best way to encourage Korean middle school students to speak English in class?

We Answered:

I introduce humor into the classroom when the kids don't listen or try hard enough:

Sometimes, I would simply mime something when they are talking so they look up to me to try and understand what I am saying or talk loudly and completely gibberish and tell them that in English class all other languages sound like this.You could even write gibberish on the board and ask them to say- it also exercises their vocal skills.

Have lots of riddles in rhymes. Make up nonsense poems with them.

Have a fun "punishment" for every time they speak in Korean. I have a buddy system so when they talk their partners go up to them and sing in their ears or something silly but it works.

Catch the pulse of your class and see what works best with your class. Have humourous and innovative things to deter them to speak in vernacular. Have lots of games in English and most importantly, children tend to think in their native tongue so you have to make them see the beauty of the English language. Make some charts with beautiful graphics and word searches and put them up in class so they see them. Bring them beauty into the presentaion too leaving aside dull textbooks.

Most of all have fun and enjoy the learning process with them :)

Richard Said:

How to start Public Speaking Club for High School and Middle School students?

We Answered:

Where are you located? Every state and many districts are involved in competitive speech tournaments. There, the public speaking events would be extemporaneous and impromptu, and maybe a few others. Try speaking to teachers to see if speech exists. If not, the National Forensic League has many resources to help you get started.

I know this isn't the same thing, but since the league already exists, it's educational and the students will compete for awards. That extra incentive really will help them work hard. This site has help for working on "extemporaneous" which is a limited preparation activity which asks people to answer a question related to current events in a 7 minute speech. There are also curriculum guides. Check the second site to contact someone in your area for getting started.

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