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Middle School Sunday School Lessons

Terry Said:

What kind of college (in terms of competitiveness) is in my future & what do you recommend?

We Answered:

your on a greart track!
you should probably bring the GPA up alot though. the average gpa for duke etc is like 4.0-5.0. if u feel like your grade is dropping due to your honors/ap, it is better to take a normal class.
could you describe your immersions and the leadership thing at brown more? that sounds incredibly interesting
you are very well qualified
perhaps you should join a sport. i find that always looks good. also, do you play an instrument?
what were your courses as a freshman. did u take anything in the summer of 8th grade going to freshman year? its important. this summer is important also.
perhaps take an summer honors class or a sport

Janet Said:

I need a game to go with my lesson. Help!?

We Answered:

Common Ground! - One person starts in the middle of the circle (best if instructor starts) And they either say "I like the color red.." or "I've been to california" or any question that they think they'll have in common with others. And if people agree to the middle persons questions, then they have to race to an empty spot, and whoever is left in the middle, asks a question as well (:

Name Game- Pass a ball around to get to know each others names! So for instance, You can start off throwing the ball to someone, who you know what their name is, and it goes on like that, and when it comes to the end just ask "Who hasn't gotten the ball?" and do it again for a couple more rounds for their names to stick in each others heads.

2 truths and one lie- Had everyone an index card. They must put two truths about them, and ONE lie. The instructor reads them aloud, and you can either choose to keep the card a mystery, so the kids guesses WHO the person is, and WHAT the lie is. OR you can tell them WHO the person is, and the kids can only guess the lie. BUT remind them "If you know this person well, and you know the answer already, then give others a chance!"

Casey Said:

Teachers, do you ever find yourself paralyzed by all the school work you have to do during the weekend?

We Answered:


Totally buried under paperwork. I'm in my 19th year.


Rose Said:

what are my chances at Ivies, Stanford, MIT?

We Answered:

Colleges know quite well about what courses mean at your high school. The last statement you wrote is a little silly anyway, regular classes at many better high schools i am sure could be equivalent to honors classes at other schools. I do not suggest putting this in your application in any form, it sounds ridiculous. What high school you went to matters, that is how it is factored in. Mentioning that your classes are more difficult, etc., is redundant.

This is how i can comment on your chances:

Your qualifications are fine, but your chances of getting into one of those schools is a lottery. There are thousands of applicants just like you (and even better). Who they end up choosing for admission is not an exact science, because every applicant who is qualified is essentially identical in their eyes. Everyone has 4.0's, everyone has high test scores, everyone has loads of extra curriculars and hopefully awards. Your application is fine though, just assessing someone's chances of getting into a school like that is not a fair question.

Elmer Said:

help please oh please!?

We Answered:

You can simply get rid of acne by swimming 2 hours for every 2 days, could b one 2 hour day or 1 hour a day, this actually would get rid of your acne as long as your target spots are under water, if its ur face then swim under water {EVER HEARD OF THE (Osmosis Effect ??) Works On Skin Too }, I Completely Got Rid Of My Acne In About 6 Days, I Go Swimming All The Time Now, =D [Like Seeing How Long I Can Hold My Breath, Lol ]

PS: Ever Seen Some 1 On The Swim Team With Acne??

Since You Need 2 Get Done By Sunday, Just Drown Yourself In The Bathtub, Not Literally Just Hold Your Breath Under As Long As You Can, Then Take A Breath And Repeat, It Worked Over Night For Me, I Did It For Bout 5Min's Under Water Total, Went 2 Sleep And All Acne Was Gone, But I Can Hold My Breath Really Long, So Dont Kill Yourself..

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