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Middle School Supplies

Raul Said:

What school supplies will i need for middle school?

We Answered:

It really depends, but I would have the following
- Loose Leaf Paper
- Binder (1.5 inch-3)
- Dividers ( one for each course)
- Black and blue pens (no need to be fancy)
- Pencils (HB prefers for writing tests)
- Eraser ( avoid dollar store brands)
- Red pen
- White out
- Back pack

Optional but suggested
- Scientific Calculator
- Ruler
- Agenda (most schools give them out)
- Lock for locker
- Sticky Notes
- more binders...!

It really depends on what the class is but the notebooks and the pens and pencils should get you through.

Dana Said:

What is Attucks Middle School supplies for 7th grade?

We Answered:

chances are really good that the local office supply stores, walmarts and grocery stores near the school have copies of their supply list near the front entrance.

Kristen Said:

What are some typical middle school school supplies?

We Answered:

The basics. what I bought for 7th grade, but most things are what I needed for 6th.
packs of wide rule paper
Pack of Pens
Pack of Pencils
Pack of Mechanical Pencils
Five-star Notebooks (5 subject)
3 Glue Sticks (ELMER'S)
4 Highlighters
10-pack Markers (CRAYOLA)
24-pack Colored Pencils (CRAYOLA)
Pink Eraser and Pencil toppers
Pencil Pouch
Binder Dividers
Post-it Stickys
2 Combination locks
Gym bag

If you already have some things like scissors and pencil pounchs from last year, save money and don't get new ones.

Brandon Said:

What is Alvarado middle school supplies list for 2008-2009 8th grade?

We Answered:

Sometimes they don't have a school supplies list.
Your teachers might give you their own personal list for each class.

Josephine Said:

What school supplies do I need for middle school?

We Answered:

3" binder, with dividers. In addition, the following request 2” binders with dividers:
pencil pouch
colored pencils
pencil sharpener
pens (blue, black, red)
graph paper
ruler, clear is best with both metric and imperial markings
package of glue sticks
composition notebook
USB flash drive for transferring files between home and school. Please avoid U3 drives. Any size, brand is fine

Jennie Said:

I need to find out what school supplies I need to get for Deland Middle School grades 6 & 8th?

We Answered:

Wouldn't it be more reasonable to telephone your school and ask them OR look up your school on the Internet?

Theodore Said:

What school supplies should I get for middle school?

We Answered:

For the first day I suggest you bring a binder filled with loose leaf paper and a pencil case filled with pencils, pens, an eraser, glue sticks, and a high lighter. I also recommend bringing a ruler and a sharpener!

Some other things that might be needed are things like pencil crayons and dividers for your binder! You could also be using duotangs, so bring a few of those as well :).

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