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Middle School System

Eric Said:

School system in your country: In which age do you go to Primary, Middle, High school or college?

We Answered:

A) Primary (Five years of age to ten years of age)
B) Middle (Eleven years of age to fourteen years of age)
C) High ( Fourteen years of age to seventeen + years of age)
D) College (Eighteen +)

Michael Said:

we all learn in middle school that the system formed together?

We Answered:

I guess I don't understand what you're asking.... We have things in common with the other planets - there are winds & storms on Jupiter and Saturn, dust devils on Mars, there's lakes and rivers on Titan, and the tallest volcano we know of is on Mars, with active ones on Io & Triton.
The Earth is what it is... it supports life, which the other planets and moons (so far as we know) do not. If we had come from Venus - then we'd be judging the rest of the solar system against the 900 degree heat of the atmosphere and the intense pressure we'd be "used to" on Venus....

Betty Said:

What is the best discpline system for middle school students?

We Answered:

There is an excellent program that works very well with middle school students. It is called Cooperative Discipline. Cooperative Discipline is a research-based, classroom and school reform model that builds on shared responsibility for learning and classroom organization between teachers and students. The program provides sustained messages to children about what it means to be self-disciplined. Messages that are changed every year or are inconsistent for every classroom diminish discipline and achievement.

I have seen this model used very successfully in a number of schools. I have attached websites for you to check it out. There is a inexpensive book you can get - cost is about $20 I think, but you can probably get started with just what you can find on the INternet. Courses and workshops are also available. Just do a search for Cooperative Discipline and you'll get lots of links.

You might also want to check out Richard Curwin's book "Discipline with Dignity".

I hope this helps. Good luck with it.

Charlie Said:

Spanish Middle School System?

We Answered:

sorry i have no idea. but maybe you should try googling it. hope i helped :)

Vickie Said:

Did you go to a THREE TIER school system (with a middle school) or a TWO TIER school system? (UK)?

We Answered:

Three tier. I have worked in a two tier before and it is very complicated in terms of student safety. The younger students get exposed to crowds and elements that they really should not have to bother with until they are more mature. What's more, they often get saddled with teachers who are not properly trained for such young ages (such as myself).

Margie Said:

I am confused about the american school system. Please break it down in to what age kids start each grade.?

We Answered:

Kindergarten is usually for 5-6 year olds. Then, it goes up from there.
6-7 year olds in first grade (elementary school)
7-8 year olds in second grade (")
8-9 year olds in third grade (")
9-10 year olds in fourth grade (")
10-11 year olds in fifth grade (")
11-12 year olds in sixth grade (")
12-13 year olds in seventh grade (junior high or middle school)
13-14 year olds in eighth grade (junior high or middle school)
15-16 year olds in 9th grade (this can sometimes be in a middle school, sometimes a junior high school and sometimes a high school)
16-17 year olds in 10th grade (high school)
17-18 year olds in 11th grade
18-19 year olds in the 12th grade

Of course, many students also start kindergarten young, so you can adapt the ages downward by one year in each category as well...

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