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Middle School Teachers

Anna Said:

Do you think middle school teachers judge you by the way you dress?

We Answered:

All teachers judge students a little bit, but usually they care a lot more about separating students into categories like smart, average, unintelligent, etc. than about the wealthy of students.

I have one teacher who comes dressed in Hermes scarves (which start at $300 and go up to $900 for the large cashmere) and belts. I wear Hermes scarves too sometimes and designer jeans and stuff (not jeans that much because I don't like jeans anyway). She likes me a lot, but it's not because I dress nicely. It's because I'm one of the best students she's ever taught.

As far as what you dress goes, teachers are more likely to think about whether what you are wearing is inappropriate and what it says about your attitude about school. Teachers like it when kids dress nicely, not because it indicates wealth but because it says that the student isn't lazy and it indicates that the student probably cares about school a little more than a kid who's in sweats everyday. If a girl dresses in short shorts and tank tanks everyday, teachers (and everyone else) will not think very highly of her.

You don't have to dress formally everyday. Today I'm wearing pearls and designer jeans, but I mix it up with short shorts sometimes and with other casual styles. But I do like to dress nicely, so I'm usually pretty formal. Teachers appreciate it when you put thought into your appearance.

Terry Said:

What are some bridal shower games we can play at a shower for 2 middle school teachers?

We Answered:

1. Scatergories type game where everyone gets a piece of paper and you write the alphabet down the side, then everyone gets 5 minutes to write something wedding related that begins with each letter (A. Acceptance of proposal B. Bride C. Cake D. Dance, etc.) you get the idea. When your done, everyone reads their answers and each one that no one else has gets a point - most points wins

2. safety pins in rice: get a big bowl and fill it with white rice, then put a bunch of the SMALL safety pins in it (the big ones are too easy). Each person gets a turn to be blind folded and has 2 minutes to find as many pins as they can in the bowl of rice - it's harder than you'd think! Most pins wins

Tommy Said:

How much do middle school teachers get paid at: Dallas Tx?

We Answered:

Teacher's salaries in Dallas, as in most places, depend on the amount of experience and education you have. Teachers with Master's Degrees get more than people with just a bachelor's.

The entire pay scale appears in the Dallas School District Salary Handbook, which you can read here. You have to scroll down to see the pay charts.…

Ashley Said:

ATTENTION parents and middle school teachers?

We Answered:

Ok..basic advice for middle school students? Not a bad idea.

I wouldn't market it to teachers or parents, however, I'd market it for the kids and try to get Scholastic as a publisher That way it would be available through school book fairs.

Get a really good illustrator and a really good editor, inject some humor & update the advice. It could be a hit.

Loretta Said:

how much does elementry or middle school teachers get paid?

We Answered:

Your pay depends on what state you live in, what district you teach in, how long you have been teaching, how educated are, how many extra duties you do, etc. There is no one pay amount.
Unionized states in the Northeast and in the West get paid more than non-unionized states.
I have taught in Virginia (non-union) and California(union).
Here is a comparison:

VA- poor pay, great dental and medical, smaller class sizes, 2 planning periods every day, never had to cover for other teachers, required to do lunch/hall duties, pain in the **** requirements to renew your credential, thousands of dollars for having a M.Ed.

CA- better pay, acceptable dental and medical, large class sizes, 1 planning period possibly..because you are required to cover classes because they can't get enough subs to enter the schools, no lunch/hall duty, pain in the **** requirements to meet the # system LAUSD has set up to get a raise, only $500 for having a M.Ed.

When I started in the 80s, I took home less than $20,000 a year. Nowadays, teachers generally start at $40,000. The old cap used to be 60,000. Now, it is 90,000 in some states.
If you teach a class during your planning, participate in tutoring, etc.,, you can earn extra money.

My recommendation- don't tutor at school. They tax your money, dictate your hours and students, and conflicts could occur. Make your own contacts and set up your own prices based on your abilities and experience.

Bob Said:

What do middle school teachers do the week before school starts?

We Answered:

All teachers begin working before students return to classes.

My school district requires new hires to attend a one day orientation and then new teachers must attend a two day New Teacher Orientation. The week ends with two days to work in their school. The following week consists of three days of professional development and then another two days to work in their school.

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