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Middle School Teaching Strategies

Sheila Said:

What can I do to get my middle-school son with ADD to use the accommodations provided for him?

We Answered:


I've known students in middle school that have the same problem, sometimes I have that problem to be truthful. We all do at one point. I'm still a middle school student and soon to be a freshmen in high school. Did you clarify to the school he has mild ADD? If you didn't, that may help. Also, he probably isn't used to the middle school surroundings. Elementary student to a middle school student is a major leap and he should be prepared of what's to come. He may feel uncomfortable and he may begin puberty, let alone you should be aware he is at that age to test different personality that aren't himself and he'll begin developing some adult personalities.

You should try to set an appointment with your school counselor as well as notify them if they can help him.

You can also try to encourage him to use it and see how it works realistically.

Praise him each time he uses his accommodations and what importance it has and show if he uses it, it'll make it a lot easier for him.

You should also use them too, to show him other students use them and prove it's helpful.

The more you complain to him, the more he'll ignore you, so try to be undemanding.

Ask him why doesn't he use it.

Tyrone Said:

what are some Alternative Assessment Methods for Teaching English Lit or Writing?

We Answered:

See now I'm one of those students that does not agree completely with the "alternative strategies". I'm a college student working towards my masters degree in "computer engineering". I have already completed all college English classes and received A's in all of them. Now on my first assignment in college level English (English 1) I had received a C. The reason for this is because all the English classes I had ever taken in my life previous to college had never properly explained the basics, all they did was have us write about random things that did not lay out a good foundation for the basics of English at all. You should know as well as I that once your students get into college all it will be is formal writing and research projects. If you want to get your students interested and at the same time properly prepared for high school/college your going have to give them controversy! Your students need to have intellectual arguments or debates on controversial topics (appropriate for school of course) then they need to attempt to prove their point of view in their writings. Students always get excited when they feel that they have something to prove. So in conclusion my answer is, give your students controversy and make sure they know the basics of formal writing!

Keith Said:

What is an example of differentiated instruction for a sixth grade poetry lesson/unit, including assessment?

We Answered:

This looks like a helpful site.…


Differentiate the Content/Topic:

Pretest poetry skills.

Differentiate the Process/Activities:

Differentiating the processes means varying learning activities or strategies to provide appropriate methods for students to explore the concepts. It is important to give students alternative paths to manipulate the ideas embedded within the concept. For example students may use graphic organizers, maps, diagrams or charts to display their comprehension of concepts covered. Varying the complexity of the graphic organizer can very effectively facilitate differing levels of cognitive processing for students of differing ability.

Poets and Plans:…

Differentiating the Product:

Differentiate By Manipulating The Environment or Through Accommodating Individual Learning Styles:………

Lauren Said:

what are the effctve teaching strategies of the ff:infant/toddler,preschooler,school-a…

We Answered:

always make it fun!!

if you're teaching kids, you have to do something to catch their attention because once you've had it, it won't be that hard...

also, when they like have activities concerning a topic in their lessons, it's easier to remember because they had fn while learning...

use games, trivias, activities or even cute homeworks like make them color ar draw stuff....

Laurie Said:

Classroom management tips for high school classes.?

We Answered:



Professionalism counts.

*Set out the rules (boundaries/guidelines, you get the idea).

*Don't have too many rules.

*Have clear expectations(behavioral/academic/etc.).

*Stick to your guns (don't ever waiver with regard to your rules/expectations, EVER).

*Let them know (ARTICULATE) that you will be available to help them out after school/before school/during lunch if they have any questions regarding your lessons, and BE there for them.
**If they try to take advantage of you -"play you"-, calmly push them in the right direction.

*Always be professional (don't take things personally).

Good luck, I hope this helps.

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