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Moody Middle School

Michelle Said:

Is my brother's behavior normal for a 12-year-old?

We Answered:

what he's doing is normal of a boy that age. most teens go through a rebelious stage in their life especially in a single parent home situation. express to him that your worried and that you feel he's doing too much and that your worried about his future and how it will affect you and your mom. I wouldnt worry to omuch hun, he'll probably grow out of it, if he starts getting out of control like beating people up or trying drugs, then i would express concern to your mom because thats beyond anything you can do personally. but again, nothing to worry about hes a typical tween boy

Wanda Said:

why am i so moody for a 13 year old boy?

We Answered:


Lucy Said:

What kind of person would a "tortured, moody artist" date?

We Answered:

ha ha probably another moody artist i have a friend like that and he would get pissed when some one was too positive he thought it was annoying

Jamie Said:

Middle school girls?

We Answered:

middle school girls are usually very moody because they are going through a tough time growing up and changing and finding out who they are. The best thing to do, is not to take everything personally. We say things we don't mean, and we regret. that's growing up.

good luck

hope this helps :]

April Said:

Why am I so moody all the time?

We Answered:

For starters, I'm 15 and going into my sophmore year, so I'm not far off from your age.

When I was in middle school, I felt like that a lot too. It was really hard and I felt like everyone hated me and I felt sad a lot.

But you have to realize that so many teens go through that. A lot of it is hormones. Also, at your age and mine, our feelings are heightened more so than they were when we were younger. You won't always feel this way. In a few years you'll grow out of it. Things will get better.

What you have to try to do is feel understanding of your parents and friends. I used to find myself overreacting a lot and it hurt people around me.

I don't know your full situation, but I can tell you that things will get better.

Good luck, I hope my answer was helpful! (:

Lester Said:

I Lost my only binder at school yesterday..?

We Answered:

If your school has a lost and found, look in there, what class are you in in the middle of the day? Ask your teacher if she has seen it, and if so, what she did with it

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