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Names Of Middle Schools

Susan Said:

what are the names of some schools in Philadelphia, PA?

We Answered:

Friends Select School is k-12 in Center City-- downtown Philly.

Katie Said:

What are some good names for middle schools in Japan?

We Answered:

Confusing question, but I think what you need is a school name, 2 boy names and 1 girl name...? Okay.

School name: Sakura Middle School, (Area Name) Middle-- example: Osaka Middle

Boy names: Kenji, Haru, Hirohito, Takashi

Girl name: Hana, Chizuru, Chiyoko, Yuki

For more Japanese names:…

Tonya Said:

how many parts of kingston is there and the names of the high schools and middle schools there?

We Answered:

please do a web search on Kingston and look through the online yellowpages for jamaica. the information is too much to list all the numerous schools.

Philip Said:

wat are the names of the middle schools in virginia near gangsville?

We Answered:

Do you perhaps mean Gainesville, Virginia?

Bull Run MIddle School

Eduardo Said:

Just ideas...fictional names of middle schools?

We Answered:

Basically if you stick any president's name in front of "Middle School" or "Junior High" you're okay.

Or, you could use a celebrity name. If you need something comedic, try Paris Hilton High School.

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