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Northwood Middle School

Willie Said:

who in the world is seth fanion from northwood middle school?!!!!!?

We Answered:

his family hails from an ancient oak tree in the woods behind the school...they're fairies, you see.

his favorite hobby is making shoes, and his favorite food is acorn mm! after school you can find him in evanescence music videos and on britney spears' *** cheek. hope I helped!

Neil Said:

dude!i came so far unlocking my schools blocked web sites i tried proxy i tried the toils thing HELLP NWM kids

We Answered:

You should be studying, not surfing the Internet, going to Myspace, Facebook, reading email, etc.

Trying to use proxies to bypass your school's security system most likely violates your school's acceptable use policy.

MySpace has a history of unleashing spyware and worms. I suggest you follow the links below to help you understand why these types of sites are blocked. I have personally had to remove key loggers, root kits, and bot net clients that were obtained during visits to MySpace. Who knows where the stolen keystrokes were being sent. Your network administrators do not want these on any of their network computers.

The programs used to block these sites do a lot more than simply block sites. They also monitor and log ALL Internet activity. Therefore, they are monitoring both successful and unsuccessful attempts to use proxies. If your school decides to examine the log, it would be a very simple matter of catching you.

This would be more trouble than it is worth. You could have all Internet privileges denied or worse. And yes, Internet access at school is a privilege, not a right.

Save the frivolous Internet activity for when you get home and your homework and chores are finished.


I suggest studying English.

Ronald Said:

Searching for someone?

We Answered:

you can go to "" ; "" ; ""; ""; ""; ""; ""; "" ; "". Try going to Google and search for "people search"

Good luck!!!!! :D

Laura Said:

is northwood middle school or meeker middle school better and why?

We Answered:

You can see statistics and reviews of the schools on this site:

Dale Said:

Are Northwood Elementary, Garner Middle School, and Macarthur Highschool, good schools?

We Answered:

yes the schools are good. northwood is an exemplary school. garner has a standardized testing rate of at least 85% and the high school. the high school is ok.

Betty Said:

I'm 13 i wanna become an singer/actress what do i do?

We Answered:

Ask your parents for permission first then start uploading videos of you singing on YouTube. or try an online American Idol type of thing. For acting, join a community center and learn to act.

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