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Palms Middle School

Lawrence Said:

when do we get our papers saying what teacher we have from Indian trails middle school in palm coast?

We Answered:

Phone the office at your school. They will know better than complete strangers in far-away places.

Christy Said:

How can I make new friends at my new middle school?

We Answered:

Socialize during class, find people who share common insterests, speak out more. All of those are easy ways to make new friends.

Glen Said:

Where can you find a middle school in Burbank, and Surrounding areas?

We Answered:

Below is a good website with listings of the private schools in LA County. Also, you might consider Pasadena if it's not too out of the way for your parents, especially for high school, as they have many good private schools and it's about the same distance/time as Sherman Oaks. Some schools consider 6th the first middle school grade, others consider 7th.

If you're looking for Sept 2010, you have a problem as the admissions process is already going on and for most schools the applications were already due. You *might* be able to apply late, but usually the good schools won't take late applications because they'll already have far more applicants than spaces.

Middle school is not typically a good entrance grade for most K - 8s, there aren't usually any openings (just one or two if someone moves) and the schools are hesitant to accept new kids who aren't used to their curriculum, and so close to the high school admissions process. 7 - 12s will have more openings in 7th usually none to 2 in 8th, just if a student moves away, K - 12s will have openings in 6th or 7th, depending on when middle school starts.

9th grade is a good entrance point as there are more spaces in high schools, better opportunities for financial aid ($10,000+ Catholic, 25,000+ non-religious private school tuition is typical), the schools are more willing to take students from public schools, you can do more through middle school to fill out your resume (community service, leadership, sports, awards, gpa, etc) to have a chance at being admitted because typically there are 3 - 10 applications per open space, time to study for the entrance exams, get good recommendations from your teachers, etc.

You can find the links to the school websites here:…

Schools with extremely rigorous curriculum:
Harvard-Westlake, Bel Air for 7 - 9, then North Hollywood for 10 - 12
Flintridge Prep, LaCanada-Flintridge 7 - 12
Poly, Pasadena K - 12
High Point Academy, Pasadena K - 8
Westridge, Pasadena 4 - 12

Other good private schools:
St. Finbar, Burbank K - 8
St. Francis Xavier, Burbank K - 8
Laurel Hall, North Hollywood K - 8
Oakwood School, North Hollywood K - 8
Campbell Hall, North Hollywood K - 12
The Wesley School, North Hollywood K - 8
The Buckley School, Sherman Oaks K - 12
Immaculate Heart, Hollywood 6 - 12
Marlborough, Hancock Park 7 - 12
Chandler, Pasadena K - 8
Waverly School, Pasadena K - 12
Mayfield Jr, Pasadena K - 8
Pasadena Christian, Pasadena K - 8
Village Christian School, Sun Valley K - 12

Good luck!

Seth Said:

How do I find people from middle school?

We Answered:

try facebook too

Gwendolyn Said:

does palms middle school really have a pool?

We Answered:

I think your brother is having a little fun with you. You can check their website, they show a map of the school. Maybe they forgot to show the pool.

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