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Persuasive Essay Examples Middle School

Tony Said:

Persuasive Essay Help?

We Answered:

how about a counter arguement being that some parents are really busy with jobs and all the runnng around they have to do and are not always able to check their childs homework everyday or everytime they want to jump on the computer or games or tv? that was the only thing i could think of. hope something helps or triggers something for ya.

Enrique Said:

I can't find examples for a Persuasive Essay!?

We Answered:

First off, what is your thesis? Do you plan on saying that 9th grade should be put in middle school, or stay in high school? Once you've established what you want to prove, you can find examples to support your thesis more easily.

If you want to say that 9th grade belongs in middle school, you could say for your big example that 9th graders are too immature to share space with the older high schoolers. Then find two situations that illustrate your point. Your second big example might be that most 9th graders, especially boys, are too physically small to take part in the activities offered at a senior high school.

Obviously, if your thesis is the other way around, you might want to just take my examples and use the reverse.

Good luck.

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Renee said:

What are some topics for Persuasive essays?