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Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School

Louis Said:

I need some Original Oratory topics?

We Answered:

Hi, there!

There are a few great ways to hook your audience with a good O.O. topic. You should definitely try to pick something that you have personal experiences with, because that will help your audience empathize with you and understand that you're serious about what you say. I had a friend who gave an O.O. about Alzheimer's research, and she used personal anecdotes about a relative who had Alzheimer's to support her speech. It was relatable, moving, and informative (some of the necessary elements of a good oratory). Here's a blog post I found about how to pick an O.O. topic:

"For many different reasons, there are several topic areas that should never be brought in to the category of original oratory. In the following bullets, I will outline the topics that should never be used and why.

POLITICAL - Never, ever make an oratory topic about politics. Why? Well, for one cares. Take my views for example. I am a fiscal conservative and completely against social issues such as abortion. With that said, if you are with me, there is nothing that you need to hear from me because you already share my views. On the other hand, if you are liberal, there is nothing I can say in a ten minute speech that will change your views. If anything, I would just tick off a liberal by wasting their time. Either way, you won't score highly.

UNSOLVABLE ISSUES - I cant tell you how many lame speeches I have heard that were about solving hunger, having world peace and the worst of all...stereotypes. Let's be candid. Everyone of us stereotypes in one situation or another. For whatever reason, we all have boxes that we put people in. But we cant change that. It is passive and people are going to do whatever they want if they want to. Hence the category of unsolvable issues. In addition to being unsolvable, you sound ignorant if you think you can formulate a 10 minute blueprint for world peace.

CURRENT EVENTS - The whole point of drafting a speech is to have something that you can work with for an entire year. Current events should never be the topic or focal point of an oratory piece. Why? Well, if you were to pick something about animal cruelty last month and focused on the Vick case, great. The only problem is that in the month of august, that is already old news. Earlier today, Michael Jackson's death was ruled a homicide and by next month, that will be old news. Look back on the past few years and you hardly remember things like the Martha Stewart case. Although this may seem obvious, I have seen way too many orators make this mistake."

Here's the rest:…

Also, here's one on how to excel in O.O.:…

Hope this helps you out! Good luck!


Gregory Said:

why are students not allowed to listen to MP3s and IPods during school work time?

We Answered:

music is very distracting and will take your attention off your work
what if your teacher has instructions and you can't hear what they say?
Back in highschool during some option courses i'd have some teachers who'd let me listen to an ipod during class(where some options were project based with minimal teacher instruction) so if your not in highschool you might just want to wait.

Louis Said:

persuasive essay help?

We Answered:

Mandatory PE is a good one. I agree with the other answerer about the obesity facts.

Also, workers like energy drinks and some are good for you (if your talking about gatorade and stuff) and my father cant work without them. so that one would be to arguable. i really like your idea about the PE. good luck on your essay!!!

Willie Said:

A persuasive essay... HELP!?

We Answered:

An essay about doing homework,

Easy and can be broken down like,

Pros doing homework: Good grades, no trouble, get smarter

Pros Not doing homework: Play video games without having to waste time with work, play with friends as soon as you get home, just don't have to worry about it lol,

Basically it's better to just do your homework so persuade the reader that it's better to be smart and advance than to blow off hard work and end up getting held back

Good Luck
Keep It Trill

Walter Said:

should the driving age be raised to 18?!!?

We Answered:

your points are pretty good...but they are all kind of stating the same thing (that teens need to drive b/c their parents won't drive them around). keep that as one of your points, and then come up with two more (otherwise it might sound a bit repetitive). you could use:

1. letting teens drive gives them more responsibility and maturity and helps them get a taste of the real world
2. letting teens drive gives their parents a break from driving them around (i know its kind of similar to the other one, but its all i could think of. srry :[ )

hope i helped! good luck on your essay :]

Kathryn Said:

HELP ME PLEEAASE! (20 characters)?

We Answered:

Less time for teachers to teach (that might fall under the 1st category)
Students will still be tired, since they are likely to push their bedtime back because they don't have to be to school until later
Ugh, thats all I've got

Jimmy Said:

What should I do about this class??? Please help! It's really hard!!!?

We Answered:

Talk to your teacher if possible. Talk to your classmates to
get ideas on how they approach homework.
Ask for a tutor or find someone who can help you in this subject.
Good luck and do not be afraid to ask for help.

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