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Poetry For Middle School

Gregory Said:

Can you tell me how to get good scores in middle school, in the first week?Any tips?

We Answered:

concerntrate and don't try to make friends.

Lloyd Said:

What is a good close activity to a Poetry Unit for Middle School?

We Answered:

You could have a poetry slam, where they each pick their favorite poems and read them to the class.

Another idea, which I have used with 8th and 9th graders, is found poems. Have them bring in magazines and newspapers; you bring the scissors, glue, and paper. They have an hour to create a poem out of whatever words they can find. The only rule is that the poem must have a theme.

Good luck!

Angela Said:

I am looking for autobiographical poetry to read to middle school children?

We Answered:

The poetry of Ogden Nash

Ashley Said:

Cool names for a middle school poetry club?

We Answered:

Sorry, drawing a blank on names, but I would suggest that to recruit you put up flyer's with your club name (once you find one you like) basically telling them what your club does. Also you might see if you can get one of your teachers to arrange for you to announce it over the PA system. All of these things will be to some degree effective but your best bet may still be plain 'ol word O' mouth.
Hope this helps =D

Luis Said:

Teachers: Do you any cool poetry projects for Middle School?

We Answered:

Get your class in a circle and have everyone right one line (for like a poem) give them thirty seconds then have them pass it to the left then give them another thirty seconds and just pass it around until the person gets their poem back. whatever your subject is on like repition, alliteration, rhyming etc.

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