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Private Middle Schools

Hazel Said:

What are the pros and cons of private middle schools and public middle schools?

We Answered:

I actually go to a private school... I think it's great!!

Pros of Private school:
- A lot less people
- The teachers are awesome
- The teachers are really willing to help you
- Very orgaanized
- my school is really fun we have young teachers in their mid twenties

Cons of Private School:
- Uniforms

Laura Said:

Are facial piercings allowed in California private middle schools?

We Answered:

the following is an article that may help you answer your own qwestion..

See more articles from Express+%26amp%3b+Echo+(Exeter+UK)

Article: Lip-pierce boy banned from sitting GCSE ; Teachers banned a teenager from sitting an important GCSE exam and stopped him going to his school leaving prom because his lip was pierced.

facial piercings in californian schools

Teachers banned a teenager from sitting an important GCSE exam and stopped him going to his school leaving prom because his lip was pierced.

Jack Parker was left devastated after not being able to celebrate the end of his school years with friends.

He fell foul of the school's strict uniform policy, which bans facial piercings, when teachers stopped him from sitting a GCSE English exam just moments before it started after spotting the stud he wears in his lip.

His mother Ann has accused staff at the school of "victimising" her son and claims other students with similar facial jewellery were allowed to take the exam.

And the mother-of-five says she has also been left out of pocket because ...

link is…

most private schools have strict policies regarding uniforms. somehow they have classed piercings as uniform violations. check with your regional school administrator.

Jeremy Said:

So if do really well in football or baseball in middle school do private schools look at you?

We Answered:

Very few, if any, high school recruit like that.

Anita Said:

Private high schools and middle school transcripts?

We Answered:

im planning on doing the same thing too!

well they will probably look at everything
but they would love to have teacher recomendatiosn from your current teachers (which would be freshmen year)

Lena Said:

Private middle schools in Puerto Rico?

We Answered:

Here is a list of Bayamon Private Schools
1. Bayamon Military
2.American School
3.Otoqui Academy
4.Christian Private Academy

Here is a list of San Juan Private Schools
1. Baldwin School
2.St. Johns School

Here is a very useful site with all Puerto Rico public and private schools…

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