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Pueblo Middle School

Christy Said:

Schools??in Pueblo,Colorado?

We Answered:

Swallows................................… what else .

Andrea Said:

Very Interesting Please Read!?

We Answered:

Nice spin: tremendous pluck: what was the question?

Martha Said:

Do you feel that America Must Accept Increasing Multiculturalism and End Racism?

We Answered:

One of the problems we have is that we tolerate indecent behavior from those that illegally enter these United States in the name of political correctness.

Many of these people are criminals in their home country and continue their criminal activities here including raping and torture of their victims.

While it is true that culturally the Mexican nation does tolerate the victimization of young children it doesn't mean we should allow it here.

'We have been tolerant of the intolerant for far too long." (spoken by Geert Wilders about followers of Islam in the Netherlands.) Could be applied here... Mexican nationalist groups are ignoring the borders and the laws of this land.

Groups like La Raza the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States – works to subvert the laws and protection of Americans while working to protect the criminal entrants and the illegal activity they export from their home land.

It is time we send them home not embrace them.

Mabel Said:

Does anyone know aboy named Tyler R.?

We Answered:

Nope. Sorry. I don't think I live around that area.

Valerie Said:

Why are so many children falling prey to criminal aliens?

We Answered:

Same excuse that the illegal who raped and stabbed to death a friend of my step daughter. He said he didn't know he wasn't allowed to do that. After all,when he broke into her home she had the nerve to say no to his advances.

Herman Said:

How can I find out what ethnicity I am?

We Answered:

It's definitely possible, but still unlikely. There is DNA testing that can tell you your heritage, but it's relatively expensive and unless you feel so convicted then I wouldn't do it. You know whether your parents would lie to about your genetic ancestry better than anybody else ... they're your parents. As long as your secure in who you are then whether your classmates doubt your heritage shouldn't bother you. Still I know it can be really annoying for people to describe you as something your not, so you need to make it clear to your classmates that your not Mexican and to stop the ****, whether or not your uncertain about your exact ethnic identity. If you really feel like your parents really have nothing better to do but make up false identities then ask your grandparents, or aunts and uncles. Good luck

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