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Rachel Carson Middle School

Melanie Said:

I'm really stressed about reading this!?

We Answered:

First of all: stop stressing out as much as you can. If your teacher is at all sane, s/he will care more about you reading and comprehending the books than about whether you memorized them or did everything just right. I suggest Call of the Wild. You starred it and it's a classic, so your teacher willl respect you for choosing it.

Create a strategy. Figure out which day of the week your friends are least likely to be doing the really fun stuff, and designate that as your study day. Don't be insane about it; let yourself reschedule if you need to, but stick with it. Read the books at night before you go to bed. Say a chapter a night. Ought to be plenty of time left -- they aren't long books. Ask your folks for permission to stay up late that night if you have to. Plead that you're being a good student. Parents respect that, especially if YOU take the initiative to suggest it early enough so it doesn't look like you were irresponsible. As far as which project to do, plan to get the hardest one out of the way NOW so you can have easier ones to do later. Ask your parents to review your work so they can give you input on whether you're doing it right.

If you're still freaking out, ask your parents to call the school and set up a meeting with your teacher during the summer. Go in and meet him/her, explain you're freaking out, and tell the teacher what you find scariest about the work. If your teacher is not a moron, s/he will respect you GREATLY for your initiative and interest. And on the off-chance your teacher IS a moron, your parents, being there, will see that this is the case for themselves, and will be on your side for pretty much the rest of the year.

Ruben Said:

I'm really stressed out/what order should I do this in?

We Answered:

I suggest 'Call of the Wild' as your fourth book and I would work on the projects immediately after finishing the book so that the details would be as fresh in your mind as possible. That doesn't mean you couldn't start the next book and be reading it while you work on the projects. In my opinion that would use your time as wisely as possible and get you the best potential grade.

Good luck.

Earl Said:

Raise your hand if you...?

We Answered:


Julian Said:

Rachel Carson Middle School?

We Answered:

umm looks like you're about sol on here. have you considered asking someone at the middle school? i can assure you, there are people working there in the summer: the principal, the teachers, etc. I bet you would have a lot more luck calling them up and asking them than on here.

Good luck next year and as you continue your academic career. You are setting yourself up well for success. Keep at it!

Franklin Said:

Anyone here from Rachel Carson Middle School in VA?

We Answered:

yeah kidding nope sorry i live in California.

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