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Reading Activities For Middle School

Annette Said:

Is high school a lot harder than middle school academically?

We Answered:

yes, you actually have to turn in work on time or you will most certainly get a zero.most teachers will not let you redo or make up assigments or do extra credit unless they know you are an attentive worker. Freshmen year you need to grow up and start working as hard as you can and think about colleges and scholarhips, SAT'S and jobs, and Community Service,and all that crap, but its not as big a deal until your Junior year. Freshmen year is just a basic adaptation to the high school environment ad academically is not to hard. Sophomore year is usually harder because its usually when you have to take the exit exam and start preparing for SAT's and AP tests. Junior year is the most crucial year because you can't screw up anymore because ur Junior and Senior years will count most in colleges decision as to whether or not you are accepted based on your transcript and take a lot of work.

Brandy Said:

What types of "holiday" activities are appropriate for JW students in middle school?

We Answered:

It would seem that the questioner likely teaches at a parochial school, or perhaps in a country which does not permit its students to be free from the establishment of religion by government entities. True Christians (such as Jehovah's Witnesses) believe that, ideally, a child should receive religious instruction from his own family.

Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe that their children should receive religious instruction from non-Witnesses, with the biblical exception of the child's own parents.

(1 Corinthians 7:14) For the unbelieving husband is sanctified in relation to his wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified in relation to the brother; otherwise, your children would really be unclean, but now they are holy.

Since Jehovah's Witnesses reject interfaith, it would seem that most Witness parents would feel that ANY type of so-called "holy day" (or "holiday") activity is inappropriate in a school environment. It would seem that the questioner should respect the religious sensibilities of his or her students and their parents, and the questioner should refrain from indoctrinating them with ideas about what she or he perceives as "our own" culture and holy days.

Ideally, the questioner should re-think his or her plan to focus on religious education in a taxpayer-funded, government-administered school system which requires the attendance of its resident children. It would be a shame to perpetuate the shameful history of "education" with regard to its claims of "separate but equal" programs.

Of course, where necessary, it seems rather obvious that an alternate assignment could have students report on the history and development of religious tolerance (if such projects are permitted by the questioner's government). A Jehovah's Witness student might feel comfortable reporting on the history of pagan festivals, such as Saturnalia (which has been re-named "Christmas" in recent centuries), and why he feels compelled to avoid these.

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Morris Said:

What were your favorite Language Arts activities in middle school?

We Answered:

Some things we did that I enjoyed was write a poem from one of the character's point of view. Or pick two characters and write a letter from one to the other. They could also make advertisements for the book; have them talk about what other people may learn from the book, and why they would enjoy it. My last idea is to pick something that happened in the book and make a news cast for it. That's really fun, and could be pretty cool with the book The Outsiders!

As for the vocab, making a game out of it is the best idea... It could be a jeopardy type thing. Actually I did that in social studies last year and it was really fun! You just take a piece of cardboard and make cards to attach to it with the different point values, and the answers of course. Then everyone can split into teams and yeah...

That's all I have. :P Hope I helped a little!

Theresa Said:

I am planning a rally for the first day of school (middle school) and i need ideas for fun activities to do!!?

We Answered:

try a pie eating contest between the 2 ppl from each grade and who ever wins gets a prize or something. prize can be maybe something free from the student store or hall pass or something small.

any kinda contest would work

for prizes, what my school used to do is get a gift card from say jamba juice or starbucks or target, anywhere and put lik $20-30 on it and give it to whoever wins! it always makes ppl wanna get involved!

Erik Said:

Middle School Student.?

We Answered:

It seems like he's a smart guy. It's just, maybe you're putting a little too much pressure on him for the future. I'm in grade 8, I don't have to worry about the future until grade 10 or so. So maybe just give him a little more of a break, after all, he's in gr. 6. He's got another 6 years ahead of him in school, and to worry about college. So just let him keep doing his homework and going to school and that stuff, but on some nights, let him take a rest from reading the text book and all that stuff.

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