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Reading Lesson Plans For Middle School

Jesus Said:

Is it wrong to be angry at my parents for this?

We Answered:

First of all, America's score is not second to last. I don't know where the first poster is getting his facts, but they're obviously crap. Unless 'second to last' is referring to a very small clump of countries. Because excuse me, I do not think that all of the third world countries out there are fairing better than the United States in test scores.
It's good that you haven't done the drugs and alcohol or casual sex, but those things you abstain from because it benefits YOU to abstain, not because it's going to make your parents' life any better. All you need is to know that you are doing this for you, and that eventually you will be out on your own and they will not be there to pressure you, and you will have only yourself. But that is okay, because you have taken care of yourself, and you're smart.
But not being allowed to be anywhere unsupervised, not allowed to date or do sports or go to movies - that's bordering psychological abuse. Teens need that kind of fresh air and freedom. They need to be able to test their boundaries a little and cause some mischief with their friends. I think you should talk to a counselor at your old school about what they are doing and how miserable it makes you. Perhaps they will listen if they are hearing the benefits of a more liberal social life if it's coming from the mouth of an adult expert, one who can tell them the benefits of being in that school. They will take you more seriously if someone outside the home tells them that all of this pressure and sheltering is only going to cause you harm, and that if you weren't under so much stress you would thrive so much better. If they're not going to listen, you have to tell SOME kind of professional who may be able to help you, because by keeping your mouth shut, you are protecting them and allowing them to continue this torment. And from my perspective, it is absolutely torment. There is no excuse for bringing a child into the world and then expecting him to be.......that impossible person that you are trying to be. You are going to be more bitter than you can imagine if you look back on this someday and had done nothing.
Trust me.
That bitterness will just eat at you. But you can prevent it. Talk to a counselor. It probably seems scary because I'm guessing after all the years of no social life you have become an introvert, but if you wait too long, you'll explode. You owe it to yourself to have a better life. It is very, very unhealthy to be boxed up with only your homework to keep you entertained for so long, and that kind of pressure and stress can make you physically as well as mentally ill. Call up your former high school counselor, or write them a letter, and trust me, they will do their best to get you back and to help your parents learn how to ease up. Even if you aren't enrolled there right now, it's their job to act in a child's best interest, and if you ask for help they will give it to you.
Good luck...

Marion Said:

Can you read my cover letter and see it's acceptable?

We Answered:

The best thing I can tell you is to pretend that instead of writing a letter you are actually sitting with this potential employer and presenting yourself for this position. Keep it easy and conversationally formal.

Instead of breaking down your experience in your cover letter just address the fact that you have over 15 years experience teaching in grades ranging from early elementary through middle school in both the public and private sectors. And don't be quite so flowing with the praise of his school. Be a little more professional with your praise. Certainly let him know that you are aware of his school's fine reputation but you are trying to "sell" him on your reputation, he is already aware of his own.

As for outlining your qualifications, Just be very basic and give him the high points, you want to pique his interest, not bore him before he gets to your resume'.

As for your closing paragraph, don't give him permission to call you...invite him to call and be a little more flexible with your contact times. He's doing you the courtesy of calling and if you put limits on you availability he may view that as an inability to be responsible and structure time. As for the email part I would suggest you phrase it more like "If it would be more convenient for you, you can always contact me through my email to set something up."

Your ending shouldn't sound quite so gratuitous. It should be more along the lines of "Thank you for your consideration in this matter and I do look forward to hearing from you"

Hope this helps some. Good luck with the job hunt!

Karen Said:

Can you score this SAT I essay on a scale of 1-6?

We Answered:

Before you get to the score...

I think you have good ideas, and potential to write a good essay. Your essay has many characteristics of higher scores. In particular, it is well organized and focused, demonstrating coherence and progression of ideas. I think the contrast between your own aspirations and your friend's mistakes is right on. You should stick with that theme and just work on developing it more.

Focus on evidence for your argument. For example, you mention how your friend falls in with the wrong crowd. What evidence is there that this is the wrong crowd? What do they do? The worst behavior you describe is that your friend becomes introverted. A few sentences later he is arrested. What happened? You could develop this more.

As well, you should have someone check your grammar and sentence structure. There is nothing terribly wrong, but your writing could improve with a few suggestions from your friendly neighborhood English teacher.

So, I think you're at a score of 3 right now. "An essay in this category demonstrates developing mastery, and is marked by ONE OR MORE of the following weaknesses:

develops a point of view on the issue, demonstrating some critical thinking, but may do so inconsistently or use inadequate examples, reasons, or other evidence to support its position
is limited in its organization or focus, or may demonstrate some lapses in coherence or progression of ideas
displays developing facility in the use of language, but sometimes uses weak vocabulary or inappropriate word choice
lacks variety or demonstrates problems in sentence structure
contains an accumulation of errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics"

Ken Said:

Would it be wrong to be angry with my parents for this?

We Answered:

You say your parents are Asian and that you got pulled out of school because you violated one of their rules-What I get-

Your parents are scared and they are experiencing a bit of culture shock. Your best approach would be to encourage your parents to interact with more Asian American families reassure them that they are doing the right thing by allowing you to Integrate into the American culture. You need to look into doing some college prep classes that require going to a JC campus or a university (these are offered for HS level students and you don't have to be 18 or have a HS diploma to enroll). Your parents most likely will not object if you approach them with the idea of advancing your education and through the concept of college classes to accompany your HS studies, you will be required to get out of the house and attend in person without mom or dad. When you select your classes, choose ones that include things like labs, workshops and things that you can't do over the Internet. I am trying to fill in all blanks and I'll go with, male...9th grade with 1.5 year home school and "don't even have a license guess 17 years old? Your options are open but depending on what "Asian" comes down to in your family, what if mean is, if your parents are old school straight from China people, you don't want to go against them or show the disrespect in anyway so you will have to consider what you are willing to do. Emancipation, military, early exit high school diploma program with financial aide and off to university. Never feel as though you are without options or that your situation is never going to change, but rather evaluate how much you are willing to upset the dynamics of your family to get what you need put of life. Parent's love and approval is important up to an age where if you don't establish a social network and experience the outside world, then when your parents have actually passed you will have missed the opportunity to learn how to "live".

Jacob Said:

Teacher presentation idea? Is this a good idea or not?

We Answered:

While it sounds fun, I'd make sure there's a good deal of substance. You should present how this meets educational science standards and how you'd assess the achievement. What shows a good understanding of a planet?

If you just provide the facts on the planets, what are they learning vis a vis how to find information?

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