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Reading Strategies Middle School

Wilma Said:

What will be the cost of Obama's education reforms?

We Answered:

The initial investment no doubt would be expensive - I couldn't give you an exact figure, nor could he but without a doubt it would cost a lot.
It would however, be an investment that we WOULD get a return on in the future so in the long run it more than pays for itself.

Ross Said:

please help me!!! many-part question for ne1 who's ever been in middle school. help!!!!!!!?

We Answered:

you gotta jus get tha nerve to walk up to people and talk, say hey, start a convo, but DONT say bad things about other people or say the randomest things, you might want to go work out, get a trainer, i used to be out of shape and was big when i was in 6th grade, now im a freshie and i have a 6 pack. E-mail me i can help ya out and get you in shape. tha email is [email protected] and lastly, damn, im the one that you can come for for fighting help, you gotta keep on your feet and keep center gravity, dont start with the highest and most athletic pepz, u gotta start by baby steps, first, get strong. then, keep it in mind always, NEVER use fighting to your Primary, in other words dont be looking for a fight or picking one, youll get ur *** owned, you gotta look at it as defense, and use it as protection. good luck

Jimmy Said:

How do you feel about America's Worst Schools Get A $4 Billion Fix?

We Answered:

Street canvas and graffiti:…

Kevin Said:

Please help me!!! many-part question for ne1 who's ever been in middle school. help!!!!!!!?

We Answered:

You should not think that you are a complete loser. I was in your position before when I started out middle school, but as I got older I learned to be more relaxed and care-free.

First of all, you shouldn't be thinking about making friends. Just be yourself and talk to people when you feel like you have an interesting viewpoint. If they want to be your friend, then they will be your friend. If not, then you shouldn't be wasting time with them.
I had no friends in elementary school. In middle school, I was betrayed. I made friends in high school, but they all left when college started.
I didn't really have friends in my life, but I still made it into a prestigious university!

2. I was also fat. But, for some reason I ended up really liking running even though I hated it the most. I also hated sports. But, once I realized its health benefits I stuck with it and now it has become a part of my life. Soccer would be a great sport for cardiovascular health. I did cross country/track in high school and now I'm doing swimming in college.

3. If you want to learn how to fight, simply enroll in a martial arts course. Martial arts could also be another sport for you. Kill two birds with one stone.

And don't fall into stupid peer pressure! Thinking back to middle/high school days, I realized how immature everyone was.

Clayton Said:

HELP! 13 year old daughter is out of control?

We Answered:

spank your daughter.
dude, seriously. Just spank her. ORRRR take everything out of her room...that happened to me once. It worked pretty well.

Rafael Said:

What is a great strategy for low-level small group (guided) reading?

We Answered:

I recommend the the three "P's": Phonics, Phonics, Phonics.

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