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Science Curriculum Middle School

Victoria Said:

What is the name of the short story about people made of candy?

We Answered:

It's called "Rain, Rain, Go Away" by Isaac Asimov.…

Elaine Said:

Would you pull your kids out of class if evolution/creationism was being taught in school?

We Answered:

Of course not. I want them educated and capable of thinking
on their own. If I block things they are exposed to - that just
means that my opinions will rule their lives. At least until
they rebel.
Nobody has the correct answer to the Creation question yet
that I have heard. But my children should be exposed to all the best
thinking on all subjects.

Toni Said:

Creationist: Ideally how would you like Creationism to be approached in school?

We Answered:

Stuff exist something obviously made it. Remember this is ONLY a theory just like Gravity. We can tell something made stiff because people are the only one with a language (well a a spoken one) and stuff is complex.


What exists?
A. Stuff
B. Nothing
C. God
D Orcs

Who made it?
A. Something
B. Nothing
C. God
D. Orcs

A & C are correct answers for each question on the test. You only need to pick A or C for credit. if you pick A & C you get a gold star.

Sue Said:

Why don't many science teachers know how to teach?

We Answered:

I think that it may just be a coincidence at your school. I do know many good science teachers.

In some areas, it's a lot easier for schools to find history and English teachers than math and science teacher. Sometimes only the best of the best history teachers get jobs, but some schools can't be as picky with who they hire for science.

Wade Said:

What to do if you are over-qualified for your home country?

We Answered:

Yeah, look for an internship or similar position as a translator in a different country. Or you might see if you could apply for further college work in a different country and use that as a stepping stone into better employment there.

Stacey Said:

Science teachers: Why can't many of them teach well?

We Answered:

Are you sure it's them and not you?

I've had some really great science teachers, but of course, I loved the teachers who taught the subjects that I was more interested. For example, I loved Biology and I thought Chemistry was so-so, and so I liked my Chem teacher a lot less.

And teaching is not a simple job, and it is offensive to say that. I am not a teacher (I wouldn't be able to stand kids for that long lol), but I have respect for them. They have to deal with lazy children who do not want to learn, they have to make the class challenging yet manageable, and they are criticized when students refuse to study and fail exams. Parents also expect teachers to do the parenting. Teaching is a tough job, and I sure wouldn't want to do it.

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