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Science Dictionary For Middle School

Michael Said:

Switching from private middle to public high school, anything I should know?

We Answered:

Well, it will be a change, for sure. I had a friend who went to parochial school from kindergarten through eighth grade, and she had culture shock for about the first month. It's just different, I haven't had the private school experience, so I can't say what will be different. You'll probably still be a nerd, which isn't horrible in high school, it was better for me than middle school. The first month or so, you'll want to avoid seniors, and make sure you know your way around, because few will give good directions. Other than that, make yourself comfortable, and be yourself; seek out your "kind" and you will find great friends. I also imagine that you'll be in some advanced classes, so you'd be in good company there as well, great chances at making good friends.

Brad Said:

Parents, do you take away recreational books as a punishment?

We Answered:

It is not wrong. If it gives them pleasure then it becomes like anything else ( wii, tv, computer ect) and should be taken away.

Tell your kids they are lucky I myself don't just take toys away but throw them away.

By the way reducing your sons grounding because he done good is brilliant. He will see that you are fair and that he will get rewarded for good behavior. You will show him that you are not doing things to be mean and only have his best interest at heart.

Kevin Said:

How come American schools are teaching from material authored by La Raza called Raza Studies?

We Answered:

The justification for these studies---The students claim that can learn better if taught by someone of their own race. It gives them "hope" seeing someone of their race as a teacher, lawyer etc, before they didn't know they reach that goal. Bunch of racist BS!
Pima Community College, in Tucson, is paying Hispanic males to attend classes. They get a small amt when they enroll and the balance at completion of courses.
Tucson Medical Center, in Tucson, advertised exclusively to Mexican citizens to come to their hospital to give birth and acquire US citizenship for their newborns

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