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Science Fair Project Ideas For Middle School

Max Said:

What are some good websites for science fair project ideas?

We Answered:…

Ella Said:

Middle School (6th-8th) science fair project ideas?

We Answered:

I remember doing a project when I was about your age. I did mine of the three main classes of fire, and what kinds of agents would work in putting them out. Obviously if you wanted to do any experiments, you'd need adult supervision. In fact, even with it I very nearly covered myself in burning gasoline... that's a long story though.

But I thought it was a neat presentation, and the teachers agreed. It was certainly different, that's for sure.

Leon Said:

Does anyone have an idea for a middle school science fair project?

We Answered:

how about trying to use different kind of detergent and see which works the best or growing a plant in soil and water and see what happens. you can also do an ice cube and put it in sugar water or salt water then see which one melt faster.

Nathan Said:

What are some science fair project ideas for middle schools students?

We Answered:…

Marc Said:

Science fair ideas for a middle school-er?

We Answered:

These sites have lots of science fair project ideas:………………

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