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Science Labs For Middle School

Jay Said:

Where can I get free Earth and Space Science lab materials?

We Answered:

The first two sites have an underlying agenda but, when it is free .....
The others may have an agenda as well but at least it isn't in the name.

I would not think you would be required to tell where you got them anyway.

Kent Said:

Can you recommend a microscope?

We Answered:

i don't know anything about microscopes but i stumbled on a website about the best brands of microscopes.…

perhaps you could go on or or wherever it is that you go to find them.

Jenny Said:

What is the relationship for a volume of water and the time it takes to boil the water?

We Answered:

Well... break it down to formulas. 1 calorie is the energy needed to heat 1 gram of water by 1 degree celcius.

So to heat 1000 grams of water (1 liter) by 1 degree, it takes 1000 calories. Now double the water to 2 liters and it will take 2000 calories.

If you are adding heat at a rate of 1000 calories per minute, then 1 liter of water heats at 1 degree celcius per minute and 2 liters heat at a rate of 1/2 degree celcius per minute. So yes. It is linear.

HOWEVER (there is always a however) there are many factors that go into this in a lab setup. Namely, a larger volume of water will have more surface area and disipate heat to the suroundings faster. Also, a larger pan (wider) will heat faster than a taller pan. Etc, etc, etc.

Harvey Said:

what is a good science lab for middle school of high school students?

We Answered:

You could make ice cream and and explain how the salt lowers the freezing temperature and the process the actual ice cream goes through.

Jonathan Said:

Can anyone recommend a good lab book for middle school science?

We Answered:

i know this is for 6th grade but it is advanced and it is really really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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