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Science Lesson Plans Middle School

Loretta Said:

Should I take back my job acceptance?

We Answered:

1 year is not that long..2 years isn't that long either...
suck it up or just go talk to them. i really think they will refuse a 1yr contract

Jared Said:

My little sister's Keyboarding teacher is frustrated at her...?

We Answered:

Your parents need to have a conference with the teacher. The guidance counselor should be present. Your parents should ask the teacher exactly how grades are earned. To be honest with you, a grade of 92-95% is a solid A and nothing to complain about.

If your sister knows that she has extra time in the class, she should make sure she always has a book to read or homework to complete if she is allowed to do so.

Your parents should address the issue of your sister asking if she could play Solitare, then being admonished for doing so. I feel there must have been a miscommunication or a lack of communication.

A parent-teacher conference should help the situation.

Barry Said:

Can I get into Harvard or Penn at this rate?

We Answered:

Yes. Very good Resume. Try raising your GPA. I think Penn is a definite; why are you aiming for Penn when you have a good shot at Wharton/Princeton/Yale/Stanford? Penn CAS is relatively easy to get into with your stats. I'd say you have a 70% chance at Penn CAS and a 20-30% chance at Harvard(because its always a crapshoot)

Sergio Said:

Can I get into Harvard, Princeton, UPenn or Stanford at this rate?

We Answered:

If you do well in Intel, and if you're allowed to have a non-teacher recommendation; you may want to ask your Intel mentor for a rec.

All of your credentials look good. You're on track for the schools you mentioned. If you do well at Intel, that's MAJOR, so work hard at that. That alone could give you the edge you need which, plus all your other stuff, could help you get into the top level schools.

Keep up with the music as well. Those two things give your application great interest, because it's not that you're "well rounded" - it's actually that you're elite level in science and in music. That's good.

I like the schools you mentioned for you. I am also interested in having you give a look at the following, which I think may interest you: Oberlin, Wellesley, Barnard, Williams, Amherst, Swarthmore, Middlebury, Bowdoin, Haverford, Vassar, Wesleyan U, Smith, Mt. Holyoke, Yale, MIT, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, Washington U in St. Louis, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon, Tufts, Brandeis, Sarah Lawrence, Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, Imperial College London. Yes, those are in the UK. Yes, you could get in, and based on your academics, they may give you some financial support, so are worth looking at.

Cindy Said:

Can I get into Harvard, Penn, Princeton?

We Answered:

The fact that you're a sophomore and you accomplished all of that is fantastic. I would have to say that adding Harvard, Penn, and Princeton on your list for colleges to visit is a very good idea. Good luck and have fun!

Erin Said:

Can i get into Harvard, Penn, Princeton?

We Answered:

Excellent chance, those are the types of EC's you need to get into those ivy league schools.

All you have to do is Focus on your GPA for now, you already have a perfect score for SAT and the EC's are wonderful.

Terry Said:

What should I major in? What should I do with my life?

We Answered:

You should do music! It seems as if you are really interested in it. You could go to college and major in Music...if you don't get to be an idol "celebrity" wise, you could always be a music teacher!

hope that helps..

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