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Science Videos For Middle School

Carla Said:

Do you agree with me that it is unfair to have gifted programs in public schools?

We Answered:

There is nothing wrong with it at all. If someone is more advanced than someone else, they should be in a more advanced class. Otherwise, it is unfair to that person that he/she should have to remain in a lower form of education because advanced classes do not exist.

Unfortunately, education in america is lacking almost to the point of no return. If we can save a few kids by getting them the education they need and can handle, that is better than losing all of them.

Rachel Said:

Ok so typical middle school crush, how do I make him like me? What should I do?

We Answered:

OK, that story was really long and boring. You should have just went to your point. You did not have to tell one everything, just some events that can help one answer your question.

I suggest that you walk straight to him and just say it. If he likes you (he seems to be), then he will understand. Perhaps ask him out. It doesn't hurt to ask, right? Get rid of your fears of him rejecting you. Most girls that have a boyfriend that I talk to said to me that if they like someone, they should say it at the right time, without getting embarrassed by anyone.

What I'm saying is to find a place to meet where it is just you and that boy and say it. I don't like texting myself because it is not a good way to show your emotions. Plus, doing a video about it on YouTube is probably not a good idea, because some people will eventually find that video and you might be in trouble.

I hope I get picked as best answer. Was this helpful at all?

Brad Said:

Whatever happened to Bill Nye the Science Guy?

We Answered:

They took it off the air or disconitued the show for some reason!

Karl Said:

What Should I Do For Our School's Media Festival?

We Answered:

If it doesn't have to be educational than a whole world of choices is open to you. I personally prefer making motion pictures because I can't draw and slide shows are boring. You can make anything from action to horror. Comedy is always a great hit (most of my movies always turn out to be comedies even though they aren't intended to be funny). Just get creative and good luck.

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