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Sherwood Middle School

Julia Said:

Hockey stick help please. Experienced players only.?

We Answered:

If wood sticks are working for you now, why switch? Yes, composite will make you shoot harder. How much harder though? Let's say it's a 3% bump and your hardest shots are clocking at 85mph. you will now be shooting 87mph instead. Trust me, you are not going to go from shooting 70mph to shooting 100mph just because of a stick.

When you factor in the price, I say you have even more reason to stay with wood. You could buy 3 or 4 of the Sherwood's for the cost of one composite stick. Many composites are not as durable as a wood stick which makes their price even worse.

It also sounds like you are using the Coffey pattern. Sher-wood's composites don't come in that pattern in their higher end sticks. I also use that pattern and the highest model that comes in is the RM9. I can say from personal experience that the durability of those sticks is horrible.

My suggestion is somewhere in the middle: A) stick with the wood sticks or B) spend that money on a good composite shaft and continue to use sher-wood blades.

Andrea Said:

alt/alternative punk/rock electronica/indie bands. NO old 90's rock please (:?

We Answered:

Muse, Aiden, AFI, reggie and the full effect, disturbed, Emarosa, A day to remember, forever the sickest kids, lostprophets, nickelback, red hot chili peppers, silverstein, senses fail, stone sour, taking back sunday, the used, underoath.... sorry if i repeated some but i hope this helps!

Sally Said:

bands like these? "alternative"?

We Answered:

the bloodhound gang, brand new, bright eyes, why the hell do you not have britney spears, every avenue, the format, the higher, kate nash, the killers, kimya dawson, lily allen, mika, the moldy peaches, my american heart, owl city, taking back sunday, taylor swift of course, tegan and sara, tilly and the wall, you, me, and everyone we know.

okay yeah.

Hilda Said:

Where can I find drama camps and classes for my 4th-grader held on weekends near my home in Sherwood, OR?

We Answered:

You may find out more by checking into some of the theater-based organizations found here:…

or here at the Oregon Children's Theatre:

and if all else fails:…


Kimberly Said:

which school?

We Answered:

i would say to stay at your school. it sounds like you are happy with it because of your friends and teachers there already. and you said you have friends at the other school so that means even without going there you've been doing fine and have made friends so you dont rele need a change.

in the end its always your choice though.

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