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Short Stories For Middle School

Carol Said:

I am a student teacher, looking for a short story to teach a 7th grade middle school class?

We Answered:

I love the short stories in Who Am I Without Him?, which is a collection of high-interest short stories about teenagers' relationships-- parent/child relationships, abusive relationships, romantic relationships... I've had wonderful luck with this book, with both middle schoolers and high schoolers. They absolutely love the subject matter, and there are enough symbols/conflicts/themes/etc. to warrant a full lesson for each story.

Thelma Said:

Short stories ideas for middle school student?

We Answered:

just be cool

Jay Said:

I read a short story back in middle school/high school and wondered if anyone knew the name?

We Answered:

It sounds like the short story may be "The Waxwork" by A.M. Burrage. It's about an American reporter, Raymond Houston, who is working in London. Because of some problems he's in danger of losing his job so to stay employed he agrees to spend the night in a wax museum: specifically the room called "The Murderer's Den" and then write about his experience for a newspaper. At some point during his visit he becomes convinced that one of the wax figures has come to life and wants to kill him. This 1931 short story appears in the book "Haunts Haunts Haunts" which was published in 1977. Here's a link to the book at WorldCat:…

Also, this short story was turned into an episode of the same title for Alfred Hitchcock's TV show. Here's a link with more info on that:…

Hopefully this is the short story you're looking for! :-)

Angela Said:

I am looking for a short story I read in school entitled "The Test."?

We Answered:

I have found two short stories entitled "The Test". The first one, I don't think is the one you are talking about, but I could see the second as being it. Was it science fiction-like?

The first one is by Guy De Maupassant.

The second is by Scott Edelman, but I can't see to find a copy of the short story online.

Good luck.. I hope this helped!

Terrence Said:

Does anyone know of a website where I can find some scary stories I can read to my middle school kids?

We Answered:

Yes, Edgar Allen Poe. Do a search in Yahoo and you will find several sites that have complete texts of his stories. These were the stories that she did in 8th grade. Her English teacher did a whole section of Poe.

Discuss It! said:

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Meredith said:

The Test can be found in Ten Top Stories (anthology).